Rochdale 2020 - Player Wages

Rochdale have a total of 46 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Aaron Wilbraham earning £3,500 per week.

Rochdale play in the Sky Bet League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,407,600 per year
  • £46,300 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Aaron Wilbraham£3,500£182,00039STEngland
Eoghan O'Connell£3,300£171,60023D C, DMIreland
Ian Henderson£3,100£161,20034AM RLC, F CEngland
Matty Done£2,900£150,80031D/WB L, AM LC, F CEngland
Oliver Rathbone£2,800£145,60022AM CEngland
Paul McShane£2,800£145,60033D CIreland
Robert Sanchez£2,700£140,40021GKSpain
Callum Camps£2,400£124,80023DM, AM CEngland
Calvin Andrew£2,400£124,80032D C, STEngland
Jim McNulty£2,100£109,20034D LCScotland
Jimmy Ryan£2,100£109,20030DMIreland
Matty Lund£1,900£98,80028M CN.Ireland
MJ Williams£1,900£98,80023D C, DMWales
Ryan McLaughlin£1,700£88,40024D/WB/AM RN.Ireland
Stephen Dooley£1,600£83,20027AM RLCN.Ireland
Jimmy Keohane£1,100£57,20028D/WB R, DMIreland
Josh Lillis£1,100£57,20032GKEngland
Aaron Morley£900£46,80019M CEngland
Jay Lynch£610£31,72026GKEngland
Tyler Smith£510£26,52020STEngland
Brad Wade£490£25,48018GKEngland
Matty Gillam£480£24,96020AM RC, F CEngland
Keaton Mulvey£450£23,40017STEngland
Rhys Norrington-Davies£430£22,36020D/WB LWales
Fabio Tavares£250£13,00018AM RL, STPortugal
Harrison Hopper£250£13,00018M CEngland
Lewis Bradley£250£13,00018M RCEngland
Adam Cullen£120£6,24016STEngland
Ben Chalton£120£6,24016GKEngland
Ben Martin£120£6,24017D CEngland
Harry Lee£120£6,24016D CEngland
Joao Gouveia£120£6,24016D CPortugal
Joe Dunne£120£6,24017D LCEngland
Joseph Wright£120£6,24016STEngland
Kwadwo Baah£120£6,24016AM RL, STEngland
Louie Chorlton£120£6,24016DMEngland
Louie Clarkson£120£6,24016M CEngland
Louie DeSouza£120£6,24016D LEngland
Luke Matheson£120£6,24016D/WB REngland
Luke Nock£120£6,24016M CEngland
Morgan Kinsella£120£6,24016D CEngland
Morgan Moreland£120£6,24016AM R, STEngland
Morgan Piper£120£6,24017GKEngland
Musambya Kisimba£120£6,24017STZambia
Oliver Patrick£120£6,24016M CEngland
Toby Phillips£120£6,24017M LCEngland

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