Colchester United 2021 - Player Wages

Colchester United have a total of 50 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ben Stevenson earning £3,500 per week.

Colchester United play in the Sky Bet League Two, the fourth division of mens professional football in England and the lowest football league division.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,434,380 per year
  • £46,815 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ben Stevenson£3,500£182,00023M (C)England
Callum Harriott£3,400£176,80026M/AM (RL)Guyana
Dean Gerken£3,400£176,80035GKEngland
Harry Pell£3,200£166,40028DM, M (C)England
Jevani Brown£3,100£161,20025AM (C), ST (C)Jamaica
Luke Norris£3,000£156,00027ST (C)England
Courtney Senior£2,400£124,80023M/AM (RL)England
Luke Gambin£2,000£104,00027M (RL), AM (RLC)Malta
Miles Welch-Hayes£1,900£98,80023D (RLC), WB (RL)England
Paris Cowan-Hall£1,800£93,60029M/AM (RL)England
Omar Sowunmi£1,800£93,60024D (C)England
Tommy Smith£1,600£83,20030D (C)New Zealand
Tom Eastman£1,600£83,20028D (C)England
Tom Lapslie£1,600£83,20024DM, M (C)England
Cohen Bramall£1,400£72,80024D/WB (L)England
Josh Bohui£1,100£57,20021AM (RL), ST (C)England
Michael Folivi£780£40,56022ST (C)England
Kwame Poku£750£39,00018M (RL), AM (RLC)England
Noah Chilvers£720£37,44019M/AM (C)England
Shamal George£670£34,84022GKEngland
Diaz Wright£570£29,64022DM, M (C)England
Callum Coulter£430£22,36019GKEngland
Al-Amin Kazeem£400£20,80018D/WB (L)Nigeria
Alfie Cerulli£400£20,80019ST (C)England
Diogo Freitas-Gouveia£370£19,24018AM (RL)Portugal
Oliver Kensdale£360£18,72020D (C)England
Miquel Scarlett£330£17,16019D/WB (RL)England
Ryan Clampin£330£17,16021D/WB (L)England
Sammie McLeod£320£16,64020M (C)England
Jake Hutchinson£310£16,12018ST (C)England
Ollie Sims£310£16,12019M/AM (L)England
Aaron Brown£250£13,00018AM (RL), ST (C)N.Ireland
Matthew Tricker£250£13,00018D (C)England
Ted Collins£145£7,54017GKEngland
Harvey Sayer£145£7,54017D/WB/M/AM (L)England
Darnell Asare-Williams£145£7,54016AM (R), ST (C)England
Donell Thomas£145£7,54016AM (LC)England
Lordon Akolbire£145£7,54017D/WB (RL)England
Marley Marshall Miranda£145£7,54017DM, M (C)Spain
Josh Fouche£145£7,54017D (C)South Africa
Ryan Lowe£145£7,54016M (C)England
Samson Tovide£145£7,54016M (C), AM (RLC)England
Namory Kane£145£7,54016D (RC)England
Endurance Johnson£145£7,54016GKEngland
Frankie Terry£145£7,54016D (LC)England
Kacy Parish£145£7,54016M/AM (RC)England
Kai Redgrave£145£7,54016M/AM (RL)England
Ellis Sullivan£145£7,54016D (C), DM, M (C)England
Junior Tchamadeu£145£7,54016D/WB (R)England
Gene Kennedy£145£7,54017DM, M (C)England

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