Crawley 2020 - Player Wages

Crawley have a total of 29 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ashley Nadesan earning £2,500 per week.

Crawley play in the Sky Bet League Two, the fourth division of mens professional football in England and the lowest football league division.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £1,354,600 per year
  • £26,050 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ashley Nadesan£2,500£130,00024AM R, STEngland
Josh Dacres-Cogley£2,100£109,20023D REngland
Ollie Palmer£1,800£93,60027STEngland
George Francomb£1,200£62,40027D RC, M RCEngland
Glenn Morris£1,200£62,40035GKEngland
Gyliano van Velzen£1,200£62,40025AM RLHolland
Jordan Tunnicliffe£1,100£57,20025D CEngland
Lewis Young£1,000£52,00029D/WB/M REngland
Dannie Bulman£970£50,44040DMEngland
Joe McNerney£960£49,92029D CEngland
Beryly Lubala£890£46,28021AM RLCDR Congo
Mason Bloomfield£880£45,76022STEngland
Ibrahim Meité£820£42,64022AM L, STEngland
Jamie Sendles-White£810£42,12025D CN.Ireland
Josh Doherty£810£42,12023D/WB LN.Ireland
Nathan Ferguson£770£40,04023AM CEngland
Ashley Nathaniel-George£750£39,00024AM RLEngland
Ricky German£730£37,96020AM R, STEngland
Reece Grego-Cox£700£36,40022AM R, STIreland
David Sesay£670£34,84020D/WB RL, M RKenya
Tom Dallison£600£31,20023D CEngland
Manny Adebowale£580£30,16021D CEngland
Jack Powell£560£29,12025M CEngland
Panutche Camará£550£28,60022AM RCGuinea-Bissau
Brian Galach£440£22,88018STPoland
Alfie Jones£400£20,80018GKEngland
George Forrest£390£20,28019D CEngland
Thomas McGill£360£18,72019GKEngland
Tarryn Allarakhia£310£16,12021AM RLCEngland

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