Grimsby 2020 - Player Wages

Grimsby have a total of 46 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Billy Clarke earning £2,500 per week.

Grimsby play in the Sky Bet League Two, the fourth division of mens professional football in England and the lowest football league division.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £1,759,680 per year
  • £33,840 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Billy Clarke£2,500£130,00031AM RC, F CIreland
Bradley Garmston£2,500£130,00025D/WB LIreland
James Hanson£2,100£109,20031STEngland
James McKeown£2,100£109,20029GKIreland
Luke Waterfall£2,000£104,00028D CEngland
Matt Green£1,900£98,80032AM R, STEngland
Ben Davies£1,500£78,00038D REngland
Elliot Grandin£1,300£67,60031AM RCFrance
Elliott Hewitt£1,300£67,60025D R, M CWales
Elliott Whitehouse£1,300£67,60025M CEngland
Harry Davis£1,200£62,40027D CEngland
Jake Hessenthaler£1,100£57,20025M CEngland
James Tilley£1,100£57,20021AM RLCEngland
Jordan Cook£1,100£57,20029AM CEngland
Ludvig Öhman£1,000£52,00027D CSweden
Luke Hendrie£1,000£52,00024D REngland
Charles Vernam£880£45,76022AM RCEngland
Harry Cardwell£730£37,96022STScotland
Harry Clifton£730£37,96021M CWales
Ahkeem Rose£700£36,40020STJamaica
Anthony Glennon£600£31,20019D LCEngland
Sam Russell£600£31,20036GKEngland
Max Wright£580£30,16021AM REngland
Josh Benson£510£26,52019AM CEngland
Mattie Pollock£480£24,96017D CEngland
Brandon Buckley£390£20,28018AM RLCEngland
Ollie Battersby£360£18,72017GKEngland
Adam Blakeley£120£6,24016D REngland
Aiden Walker£120£6,24016AM RL, STEngland
Ayodeji Owoeye£120£6,24017STEngland
Brandon McPherson£120£6,24017AM LEngland
Cameron Painter£120£6,24017M CEngland
Duncan Idehen£120£6,24016D CEngland
Evan Khouri£120£6,24016M CEngland
Harvey Drinkell£120£6,24016D/WB LEngland
Hugo Banks£120£6,24017GKEngland
Jamie Potts£120£6,24016M CEngland
Joe Starbuck£120£6,24016AM RLC, F CEngland
Joey Hope£120£6,24017D LEngland
Josh Smaller£120£6,24016D CEngland
Lennon Stead£120£6,24017STEngland
Lewis Derrick£120£6,24016M CEngland
Luis Adlard£120£6,24016STEngland
Owen Davey£120£6,24016M CEngland
Patrick Boyes£120£6,24016GKEngland
Reese Jahoo£120£6,24017STU.S.A.

Other Sky Bet League Two teams:

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