Oldham 2020 - Player Wages

Oldham have a total of 47 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Cameron Borthwick-Jackson earning £17,000 per week.

Oldham play in the Sky Bet League Two, the fourth division of mens professional football in England and the lowest football league division.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £3,067,480 per year
  • £58,990 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Cameron Borthwick-Jackson£17,000£884,00022D LCEngland
David Wheater£4,400£228,80032D CEngland
Mohamed Maouche£3,900£202,80026AM CFrance
Chris McCann£3,400£176,80031DMIreland
Filipe Morais£3,300£171,60033AM RLCPortugal
Danny Rowe£2,400£124,80030STEngland
Gevaro Nepomuceno£2,200£114,40026D/WB/AM LCuraçao
Giles Coke£2,200£114,40033M CEngland
Scott Wilson£1,600£83,20026STEngland
Christopher Missilou£1,400£72,80026DMCongo
Désiré Segbé Azankpo£1,400£72,80026STBenin
Dylan Fage£1,400£72,80020D/WB/M LFrance
Emmanuel Dieseruvwe£1,300£67,60024STEngland
Johan Branger-Engone£1,100£57,20025AM RLGabon
Gary Woods£940£48,88028GKEngland
Alex Iacovitti£900£46,80021D LCScotland
Mohamad Sylla£900£46,80025DMFrance
Carl Piergianni£880£45,76027D CEngland
Zak Mills£750£39,00027D/WB/M REngland
Jonny Smith£710£36,92021AM LEngland
Tomas Egert£710£36,92024D CCzech Republic
Zak Dearnley£650£33,80020AM RL, STEngland
Jamie Stott£610£31,72021D LCEngland
Tom Hamer£600£31,20019D RCEngland
Christian N'Guessan£580£30,16020M CEngland
Marvin Kokos£580£30,16018AM RFrance
Zeus de la Paz£550£28,60024GKCuraçao
Kielen Adams£350£18,20018AM RL, STEngland
Andrew Hackett£120£6,24017D REngland
Ben Hough£120£6,24016M CEngland
Callum Speed£120£6,24016STEngland
Charley Leech£120£6,24017D LEngland
Drew Baker£120£6,24016D CEngland
Ellis Allen£120£6,24017GKEngland
Jack Grundy£120£6,24017D CEngland
Jack Williams£120£6,24016AM RLEngland
Junior Luamba£120£6,24016AM RLEngland
Kyle Wych£120£6,24017M CEngland
Lewis McKinney£120£6,24017STEngland
MacKenzie Chapman£120£6,24016GKEngland
Reece Gaskell£120£6,24017M CEngland
Robert Oseh£120£6,24016M CEngland
Ryan Pickford£120£6,24017STEngland
Sean Higgins£120£6,24016D RLEngland
Taylor Jones£120£6,24017D CEngland
Vani Da Silva£120£6,24016STEngland
Will Sutton£120£6,24016D CEngland

Other Sky Bet League Two teams:

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