AB de Villiers - Salary & Contract

AB de Villiers earns £1,078,000 (₹ 110,000,000) per year playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL. AB de Villiers has earned a total of £10,046,617 (₹ 1,025,165,000) over their career to date. AB de Villiers was born in South Africa and is a Right-hand bat batter and Right-arm medium bowler. He is the 5 highest paid Indian Premier League cricketer.

Career Earnings:

YearTeamYearly Salary £Yearly Salary ₹
2021Royal Challengers Bangalore£1,078,000₹ 110,000,000
2020   (Retain)Royal Challengers Bangalore£1,078,000₹ 110,000,000
2019   (Retain)Royal Challengers Bangalore£1,078,000₹ 110,000,000
2018Royal Challengers Bangalore£1,078,000₹ 110,000,000
2017Royal Challengers Bangalore£931,000₹ 95,000,000
2016Royal Challengers Bangalore£931,000₹ 95,000,000
2015Royal Challengers Bangalore£931,000₹ 95,000,000
2014Royal Challengers Bangalore£931,000₹ 95,000,000
2013Royal Challengers Bangalore£574,250.6₹ 58,597,000
2012Royal Challengers Bangalore£541,910.6₹ 55,297,000
2011Royal Challengers Bangalore£495,880₹ 50,600,000
2010Delhi Daredevils£136,092.6₹ 13,887,000
2009Delhi Daredevils£144,412.8₹ 14,736,000
2008Delhi Daredevils£118,070.4₹ 12,048,000
Total£10,046,617₹ 1,025,165,000

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What is AB de Villiers's yearly salary?

AB de Villiers current earns £1,078,000 per year

How much has AB de Villiers earned over their career?

AB de Villiers has earned a total of £10,046,617

What is AB de Villiers's current team?

AB de Villiers plays for Royal Challengers Bangalore in the IPL

What type of bowler is AB de Villiers?

AB de Villiers is a Right-arm medium bowler

What type of batter is AB de Villiers?

AB de Villiers is a Right-hand bat batsman

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