Mohammad Asif - Salary & Contract

Mohammad Asif earns £255,819.19,999,999,998 (₹ 26,104,000) per year playing for the Delhi Daredevils in the IPL. Mohammad Asif has earned a total of £255,819.19,999,999,998 (₹ 26,104,000) over their career to date. Mohammad Asif was born in Pakistan and is a Left-hand bat batter and Right-arm fast-medium bowler. He is the 277 highest paid Indian Premier League cricketer.

Career Earnings:

YearTeamYearly Salary £Yearly Salary ₹
2008Delhi Daredevils£255,819.19,999,999,998₹ 26,104,000
Total£255,819.19,999,999,998₹ 26,104,000

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What is Mohammad Asif's yearly salary?

Mohammad Asif current earns £255,819.19,999,999,998 per year

How much has Mohammad Asif earned over their career?

Mohammad Asif has earned a total of £255,819.19,999,999,998

What is Mohammad Asif's current team?

Mohammad Asif plays for Delhi Daredevils in the IPL

What type of bowler is Mohammad Asif?

Mohammad Asif is a Right-arm fast-medium bowler

What type of batter is Mohammad Asif?

Mohammad Asif is a Left-hand bat batsman

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