Beijing Guo'an 2023 - Player Wages

Beijing Guo'an have a total of 60 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Souza earning $53,430 per week.

Beijing Guo'an play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $15,881,533 per year
  • $305,414 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Michael Ngadeu-Ngadjui$43,840$2,279,68032D C, DMCameroon
Fábio Abreu$16,440$854,88030STAngola
Chi Zhongguo$16,440$854,88033DM, AM CChina
Marko Dabro$15,070$783,64026STCroatia
Zhang Yuning$13,700$712,40026STChina
Zhang Xizhe$13,700$712,40032AM LCChina
Zou Dehai$13,700$712,40030GKChina
Nico Yennaris$12,330$641,16030D R, DMChina
Piao Cheng$12,330$641,16033DM, AM RCChina
Gao Tianyi$8,494$441,68825AM CChina
Yu Dabao$8,220$427,44035D C, AM R, STChina
Yang Liyu$8,220$427,44026AM R, STChina
Fang Hao$7,261$377,57223AM RLC, F CChina
Li Lei$6,850$356,20031D/WB L, DM, M LCChina
Zhang Chengdong$6,850$356,20034AM RLChina
Wang Gang$6,028$313,45634D/WB R, AM RL, STChina
Hou Sen$5,754$299,20834GKChina
Wang Ziming$4,658$242,21626AM L, STChina
Duan Dezhi$3,288$170,97621AM/F CChina
Feng Boxuan$3,151$163,85226D/WB R, AM RLChina
Han Jiaqi$3,014$156,72824GKChina
Jiang Wenhao$2,877$149,60423AM RLChina
Kang Sang-Woo$2,740$142,48029D/WB L, AM RLSouth Korea
Liang Shaowen$2,740$142,48021D C, STChina
Nebijan$2,603$135,35621AM RLCChina
Chen Yanpu$1,918$99,73622AM/F CChina
Bai Yang$754$39,18225D C, DMChina
Ruan Qilong$507$26,35922D CChina
Yan Yu$343$17,81020D/WB R, AM RLChina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
He Xiaoqiang$301$15,67321D LChina
Gao Jian$301$15,67321AM RC, F CChina
Ma Yujun$301$15,67320AM CChina
Zhou Wenfeng$301$15,67322AM/F CChina
Bai Yunfei$301$15,67321STChina
Yao Xuejian$301$15,67320D C, STChina
An Yongjian$301$15,67321AM RLC, F CChina
Zhong Zirong$301$15,67320D RChina
Ma Ruize$301$15,67319STChina
Jiang Weiyi$301$15,67319DMChina
Han Yalin$301$15,67319D C, STChina
Jia Xinyue$301$15,67320D C, DMChina
Li Chen$301$15,67320GKChina
Shen Huanming$301$15,67319D CChina
Wang Chonghan$301$15,67320AM/F CChina
Yao Boqing$301$15,67319GKChina
Wang Zihao$301$15,67319DMChina
Zhao Zijie$301$15,673AM RLChina
Yang Haocheng$301$15,67319WB LChina
Li Yixuan$301$15,67319AM/F CChina
Wang Yuxiang$301$15,67318DM, AM CChina
Fan Shuangjie$301$15,67317WB LChina
Xu Kesi$301$15,673STChina
Ma Longjian$301$15,67318DMChina
Hao Yucheng$82$4,27418D/WB/AM RChina
Chen Shuhang$82$4,27418D CChina
Jia Weikai$82$4,27418DM, M RLCChina
Zhang Jingtian$82$4,27418AM/F CChina

Who is Beijing Guo'an's highest earner?

Souza has the highest salary at Beijing Guo'an, earning $53,430 per week

What is Beijing Guo'an's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Beijing Guo'an total salary bill is $15,881,533 per year

What is Beijing Guo'an's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Beijing Guo'an total salary bill is $305,414 per week

What league do Beijing Guo'an's play in?

Beijing Guo'an play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

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