Hebei CFFC 2020 - Player Wages

Hebei CFFC have a total of 90 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ezequiel Lavezzi earning $550,740 per week.

Hebei CFFC play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $66,204,044 per year
  • $1,273,155 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ezequiel Lavezzi$550,740$28,638,48034AM RLC, F CArgentina
Jiang Zhipeng$102,750$5,343,00030D/WB/M LChina
Zhang Chengdong$102,750$5,343,00030AM RLChina
Ren Hang$63,020$3,277,04030D LCChina
Yin Hongbo$60,280$3,134,56029AM RLCChina
Zhao Yuhao$57,540$2,992,08026D C, DMChina
Paulinho$42,470$2,208,44024AM RLCBrazil
Dong Xuesheng$24,660$1,282,32030STChina
Chi Wenyi$17,810$926,12031GKChina
Geng Xiaofeng$17,810$926,12031GKChina
Luo Senwen$16,440$854,88026DM, AM CChina
Wang Qiuming$12,330$641,16026AM CChina
Pan Ximing$10,686$555,67226D CChina
Jiang Wenjun$9,727$505,80429D LChina
Samir Memisevic$9,042$470,18425D C, DMBosnia & Herzegovina
Feng Gang$8,631$448,81226AM LCChina
Jin Yangyang$8,357$434,56426D CChina
Yang Cheng$8,220$427,44033GKChina
Andy Russell$7,535$391,82031D C, DMHong Kong (China PR)
Xu Tianyuan$7,398$384,69622AM LChina
Gao Huaze$5,754$299,20821AM RL, STChina
Hu Rentian$5,754$299,20828AM RChina
Liu Jing$5,480$284,96022D RLChina
Bao Yaxiong$4,795$249,34022GKChina
Cui Lin$4,658$242,21621D/WB LChina
Zhang Lifeng$4,110$213,72030AM RLChina
Zhang Wei$4,110$213,72019STChina
Ren Wei$3,699$192,34822D C, STChina
Chen Ao$3,288$170,97618DMChina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Chen Tang$3,288$170,97623AM RLChina
Luo Shipeng$2,740$142,48019STChina
Ma Bokang$2,603$135,35620D L, M RLChina
Chen Yunhua$1,918$99,73619D C, DMChina
Wei Changsheng$1,918$99,73620D LChina
Yao Xuchen$1,781$92,61219AM RLChina
Feng Siqi$1,411$73,37720DMChina
Li Haoran$1,370$71,24026AM RChina
Liao Wei$1,370$71,24020AM/F CChina
Luan Haodong$1,370$71,24021D CChina
Zhang Haitao$1,370$71,24019D R, DM, M RCChina
Zhang Hui$1,370$71,24018AM CChina
Zhang Junzhe$1,370$71,24028D RCChina
Zhang Yu$1,370$71,24016D C, STChina
Kang Mingjie$1,247$64,82820D C, DMChina
Li Taoyang$1,233$64,11622GKChina
Wang Wenhao$1,082$56,28021D/M RChina
Maidanjan$1,014$52,71820D/M RChina
Jin Xing$973$50,58022DMChina
Wang Hongzhi$973$50,58020D CChina
Wu Guodong$973$50,58024D/WB RLChina
Li Yiying$945$49,15619D RChina
Pang Jiajun$699$36,33219GKChina
Piao Lei$699$36,33222AM RL, STChina
Gao Yunpeng$548$28,49619DMChina
Tian Xiangyu$548$28,49618AM RChina
Li Junhui$480$24,93418STChina
Yang Chenyu$411$21,37220D/WB RChina
Li Shuaihu$397$20,66020D L, M RLChina
Xu Wenlong$397$20,66019DM, M LChina
Yang Shaochen$397$20,66019D C, DMChina
Liang Guoqiao$219$11,39818D RCChina
Song Xintao$219$11,39817DMChina
Tan Haotian$219$11,39818DM, AM CChina
Yang Song$219$11,39821D CChina
Zheng Haokun$219$11,39817D C, DMChina
Yang Yixuan$206$10,68618D LC, DMChina
Bi Haoyang$192$9,97417D/WB LChina
Chen Shaohong$178$9,26118GKChina
Chen Haohao$164$8,54917DMChina
Chen Lei$164$8,54918D CChina
Lu Li$151$7,83622GKChina
Zhang Yulong$151$7,83618D CChina
Du Borui$137$7,12416GKChina
Gao Lianduo$137$7,12417AM LChina
He Zijian$137$7,12417GKChina
Liu Mengyu$137$7,12417M RChina
Liu Runnan$137$7,12417STChina
Liu Tingpeng$137$7,12418AM CChina
Liu Xingyu$137$7,12417D LChina
Shen Guowei$137$7,12417AM LChina
Sun Hongwei$137$7,12417D CChina
Tang Jixing$137$7,12417AM RLChina
Xia Boyang$137$7,12418M LChina
Xie Jie$137$7,12418AM LChina
Chen Junnan$82$4,27415DMChina
Li Haozhou$82$4,27416D LChina
Li Peinan$82$4,27418D CChina
Tian Jiarui$82$4,27416STChina
Yu Jianxian$82$4,27417GKChina

Who is Hebei CFFC's highest earner?

Ezequiel Lavezzi has the highest salary at Hebei CFFC, earning $550,740 per week

What is Hebei CFFC's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Hebei CFFC total salary bill is $66,204,044 per year

What is Hebei CFFC's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Hebei CFFC total salary bill is $1,273,155 per week

What league do Hebei CFFC's play in?

Hebei CFFC play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

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