Wuhan 2020 - Player Wages

Wuhan have a total of 64 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Daniel Carriço earning $49,320 per week.

Wuhan play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • $16,504,171 per year
  • $317,388 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Daniel Carriço$49,320$2,564,64030D C, DMPortugal
Rafael Silva$42,470$2,208,44027AM LC, F CBrazil
Léo Baptistão$35,620$1,852,24026AM RLC, F CBrazil
Dong Chunyu$17,810$926,12028GKChina
Jean Kouassi$17,810$926,12024AM RLC, F CIvory Coast
Li Hang$16,440$854,88029DM, AM CChina
Liao Junjian$15,070$783,64025D RLCChina
Hu Jinghang$11,234$584,16822AM R, STChina
Ming Tian$10,823$562,79624D/WB RChina
Eddy Gnahoré$8,631$448,81225DMFrance
Han Pengfei$8,494$441,68826D CChina
Liu Yi$8,220$427,44030D RLCChina
Zhou Tong$8,220$427,44029D/WB L, AM RLChina
Du Longquan$7,398$384,69631D/WB L, DM, M LCChina
Wang Kai$7,398$384,69630DM, AM CChina
Liu Yun$6,850$356,20024AM RLCChina
Ai Zhibo$6,165$320,58036D CChina
Luo Yi$5,480$284,96032D/WB RLChina
Song Zhiwei$4,932$256,46430DMChina
Yao Hanlin$4,521$235,09234AM RLCChina
Sun Shoubo$3,562$185,22436GKChina
Tong Xiaoxing$3,562$185,22432AM LCChina
Jiang Zilei$2,877$149,60421D/AM RChina
Li Chao$2,740$142,48031D RLCChina
Nie Aoshuang$2,603$135,35624DMChina
Huang Bowen$1,644$85,48823D RLChina
Kang Zhenjie$1,370$71,24026AM/F CChina
Xia Ao$644$33,48320D RChina
Li Yang$493$25,64624M LChina
Chen Xiangxiang$192$9,97420D CChina
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jia Xinyao$192$9,97424GKChina
Li Yueming$192$9,97421D CChina
Xiao Hao$151$7,83617D/WB/M RChina
Zhang Bohao$151$7,83623M C, STChina
Anishar Amet$137$7,12418D/WB RChina
Cai-Song Yu$137$7,12418AM LChina
Chen Luoqi$137$7,12421STChina
Chen Yinjie$137$7,12419D C, DMChina
Ding Jinglong$137$7,12418GKChina
Fan Xiaobin$137$7,12420M CChina
Fan Xiaowei$137$7,12420AM CChina
Gao Ming$137$7,12421DMChina
Hu Zhuang$137$7,12422D LChina
Jiang Minwen$137$7,12422AM LChina
Li Panpan$137$7,12419AM LChina
Li Xingqi$137$7,12418WB LChina
Li Yiming$137$7,12421D RChina
Lin Xin$137$7,12419D CChina
Ma Zhiyuan$137$7,12419AM RChina
Mei Cong$137$7,12422AM LChina
Song Defu$137$7,12420WB LChina
Sun Weiwen$137$7,12422STChina
Wang Chen$137$7,12422GKChina
Wang Yifan$137$7,12422STChina
Wang Zhifeng$137$7,12422GKChina
Wu Kai$137$7,12418AM RChina
Wu Siyang$137$7,12418WB LChina
Xia Qihang$137$7,12419STChina
Xiang Hongyu$137$7,12419D RCChina
Xu Jingyi$137$7,12418WB LChina
Yang Xin$137$7,12420D LChina
Zhang Haoran$137$7,12422WB LChina
Zhang Xianzheng$137$7,12417GKChina
Zhou Baizhao$137$7,12419M CChina

Who is Wuhan's highest earner?

Daniel Carriço has the highest salary at Wuhan, earning $49,320 per week

What is Wuhan's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Wuhan total salary bill is $16,504,171 per year

What is Wuhan's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Wuhan total salary bill is $317,388 per week

What league do Wuhan's play in?

Wuhan play in the Chinese Super League, the top division of football in China.

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