Argentine Primera Division - Highest Paid Footballer Players

The highest paid player in the Argentine Primera Division is Esteban Andrada whose salary is £41,000 per week and £2,132,000 per year. The top 100 football players in the rimera Division earn a combined £1,612,900 per week and £83,870,800 per year

Top earning footballers in Argentine Primera Division 2020:

NameSalary per WeekYearly WageTeamCountryAgePositions
Esteban Andrada£41,000£2,132,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina29GK
Marcos Rojo£40,000£2,080,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina30D (LC)
Eduardo Salvio£40,000£2,080,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina30M/AM (R)
Franco Armani£34,000£1,768,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina33GK
Enzo Pérez£32,000£1,664,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina34DM, M (C)
Edwin Cardona£31,000£1,612,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsColombia27M/AM (LC)
Ángel Romero£29,000£1,508,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroParaguay28M/AM (RL), ST (C)
Javier Pinola£27,000£1,404,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina37D (C)
Oscar Romero£27,000£1,404,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroParaguay28AM (RLC)
Lorenzo Melgarejo£26,000£1,352,000Racing Club de AvellanedaParaguay29D/WB/M (L), AM (RL)
Fabricio Bustos£24,000£1,248,000Club Atlético IndependienteArgentina24D/WB/M (R)
Carlos Tevez£23,000£1,196,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina36AM (C), ST (C)
Marcelo Díaz£22,000£1,144,000Racing Club de AvellanedaChile33DM, M (C)
Ricardo Centurión£22,000£1,144,000Club Atlético Vélez SarsfieldArgentina27AM (RLC)
Leonardo Sigali£22,000£1,144,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina33D (RC)
Pablo Hernández£21,000£1,092,000Club Atlético IndependienteChile33DM, M (C), AM (LC)
Silvio Romero£21,000£1,092,000Club Atlético IndependienteArgentina32ST (C)
Lucas Romero£20,000£1,040,000Club Atlético IndependienteArgentina26D (R), DM, M (C)
Cristian Pavón£20,000£1,040,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina24M (L), AM (RL)
Carlos Auzqui£20,000£1,040,000Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaArgentina29AM (R), ST (C)
Thiago Almada£19,000£988,000Club Atlético Vélez SarsfieldArgentina19AM (RLC)
Fabián Rinaudo£18,000£936,000Club Atlético Rosario CentralArgentina33DM, M (C)
Jonathan Maidana£18,000£936,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina35D (C)
Leonardo Ponzio£18,000£936,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina38DM, M (C)
Nery Domínguez£18,000£936,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina30D (C), DM
Sebastián Sosa£18,000£936,000Club Atlético IndependienteUruguay33GK
Lautaro Acosta£18,000£936,000Club Atlético LanúsArgentina32M/AM (RL)
Marcos Díaz£17,000£884,000Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaArgentina34GK
Alejandro Donatti£17,000£884,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina33D (C)
Lisandro López£17,000£884,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina30D (C)
Frank Fabra£17,000£884,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsColombia29D/WB (L)
Gabriel Arias£17,000£884,000Racing Club de AvellanedaChile32GK
Ignacio Piatti£17,000£884,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina35M (L), AM (LC), ST (C)
Carlos Zambrano£17,000£884,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsPeru31D (C)
Carlos Izquierdoz£17,000£884,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina31D (C)
Ángel González£16,000£832,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataArgentina26M/AM (R)
Agustín Rogel£16,000£832,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataUruguay22D (C)
Mariano Andújar£16,000£832,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataArgentina36GK
Franco Fragapane£16,000£832,000Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaArgentina27M/AM (L)
Franco Di Santo£16,000£832,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina31AM (C), ST (C)
Matías Suárez£16,000£832,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina32AM (L), ST (C)
Diego Braghieri£15,000£780,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina33D (C)
Lautaro Giannetti£15,000£780,000Club Atlético Vélez SarsfieldArgentina26D (C)
Nicolás Reniero£15,000£780,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina25AM (RLC), ST (C)
Diego Zabala£15,000£780,000Club Atlético Rosario CentralUruguay28M (RL), AM (L)
Andrés Roa£15,000£780,000Club Atlético IndependienteColombia27M/AM (C)
José Sand£14,000£728,000Club Atlético LanúsArgentina40ST (C)
Eugenio Mena£14,000£728,000Racing Club de AvellanedaChile32D/WB/M/AM (L)
Mauro Zárate£14,000£728,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina33AM (RLC), ST (C)
Bruno Zuculini£14,000£728,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina27DM, M (C)

50-100 best paid football players in Argentine Primera Division:

NameSalary per WeekYearly WageTeamCountryAgePositions
Paulo Díaz£14,000£728,000Club Atlético River PlateChile25D (RC)
Bruno Pittón£14,000£728,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina27D/WB (L)
Juan Cruz Komar£14,000£728,000Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaArgentina23D (C)
Fernando Monetti£14,000£728,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina31GK
Sebastián Villa£13,000£676,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsColombia24M (L), AM (RL)
Alan Aguerre£13,000£676,000Club Atlético Newell's Old BoysArgentina29GK
Lucas Menossi£13,000£676,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina28DM, M (RC)
Franco Soldano£13,000£676,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina25ST (C)
Diego Rodríguez£13,000£676,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroUruguay30DM, M (C)
Domingo Blanco£13,000£676,000Club Atlético IndependienteArgentina25M (C), AM (RLC)
Cristian Lema£13,000£676,000Club Atlético Newell's Old BoysArgentina30D (C)
Fabrizio Angileri£13,000£676,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina26D/WB/M (L)
Leonel Miranda£13,000£676,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina26DM, M (C)
Alexis Soto£13,000£676,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina26D/WB (L)
Federico Lértora£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Colón de Santa FeArgentina30DM, M (C)
Julio Buffarini£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina31D/WB/M (R)
Enzo Díaz£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaArgentina24D/WB (L)
Federico Mancuello£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Vélez SarsfieldArgentina31M (C)
Fabricio Coloccini£12,000£624,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina38D (C)
Marco Ruben£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Rosario CentralArgentina33ST (C)
Guido Herrera£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaArgentina28GK
Fernando Belluschi£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Newell's Old BoysArgentina36M/AM (C)
Emiliano Vecchio£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Rosario CentralArgentina31M/AM (C)
Nicolás de la Cruz£12,000£624,000Club Atlético River PlateUruguay23M (LC), AM (L)
Milton Casco£12,000£624,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina32D/WB (RL)
Facundo Quignón£12,000£624,000Club Atlético LanúsArgentina27DM, M (C)
Mauricio Martínez£12,000£624,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina27D (C), DM, M (C)
Luis Miguel Rodríguez£12,000£624,000Club Atlético Colón de Santa FeArgentina35AM (C), ST (C)
Fernando Tobio£12,000£624,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataArgentina30D (C)
Rafael Santos Borré£11,000£572,000Club Atlético River PlateColombia24ST (C)
Guilherme Parede (Guilherme Parede Pinheiro)£11,000£572,000Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaBrazil24AM (RC), ST (C)
Gino Peruzzi£11,000£572,000Club Atlético San Lorenzo de AlmagroArgentina28D/WB (R)
Gonzalo Montiel£11,000£572,000Club Atlético River PlateArgentina23D (R)
Juan Sánchez Miño£11,000£572,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataArgentina30D/WB/M (L)
Ramón Ábila£11,000£572,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina30ST (C)
Sebastián Palacios£11,000£572,000Club Atlético IndependienteArgentina28AM (RL), ST (C)
Martín Cauteruccio£11,000£572,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataUruguay33AM (L), ST (C)
Nicolás Pasquini£10,000£520,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataArgentina29D/WB (L), DM, M (L)
Santiago Cáseres£10,000£520,000Club Atlético Vélez SarsfieldArgentina23DM, M (C)
Lucas Gamba£10,000£520,000Club Atlético Rosario CentralArgentina33AM (R), ST (C)
Leonardo Godoy£10,000£520,000Club Estudiantes de La PlataArgentina25D/WB/M (R)
Maximiliano Lovera£10,000£520,000Racing Club de AvellanedaArgentina21AM (RLC)
Leonardo Jara£10,000£520,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina29D/WB (R), DM, M (RC)
Matías Rojas£10,000£520,000Racing Club de AvellanedaParaguay24M (LC), AM (C)
Lucas Hoyos£10,000£520,000Club Atlético Vélez SarsfieldArgentina31GK
Agustín Rossi£9,500£494,000Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina24GK
Damián Martínez£9,400£488,800Club Atlético Rosario CentralArgentina30D/WB (R)
Diego Valoyes£9,400£488,800Club Atlético Talleres de CórdobaColombia23AM (R), ST (C)
Emmanuel Mas£9,300£483,600Club Atlético Boca JuniorsArgentina31D/WB (L)
Fernando Torrent£9,300£483,600Club Atlético Rosario CentralArgentina28D/WB/M (R)

Argentine Primera Division Teams

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