Karlsruher SC 2023 - Player Wages

Karlsruher SC have a total of 60 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Philip Heise earning £11,000 per week.

Karlsruher SC play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of mens professional football in Germany.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £6,739,200 per year
  • £129,600 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Philip Heise£11,000£572,00031D/WB LGermany
Marcel Franke£10,000£520,00029D CGermany
Florian Ballas£7,300£379,60029D CGermany
Marvin Wanitzek£6,900£358,80029AM CGermany
Jérôme Gondorf£6,100£317,20034DM, AM CGermany
Mikkel Kaufmann£5,900£306,80021STDenmark
Daniel O'Shaughnessy£5,400£280,80027D LCFinland
Choi Kyoung-Rok£5,400£280,80027AM RLCSouth Korea
Fabian Schleusener£5,300£275,60030AM RL, STGermany
Kelvin Arase£5,000£260,00023AM RL, STAustria
Marius Gersbeck£4,900£254,80027GKGermany
Marco Thiede£4,900£254,80030D/WB RL, AM RGermany
Sebastian Jung£4,600£239,20032D/WB RGermany
Tim Breithaupt£4,600£239,20020DMGermany
Lucas Cueto£4,000£208,00026AM RLGermany
Paul Nebel£3,800£197,60019AM RLCGermany
Christoph Kobald£3,400£176,80024D C, DMAustria
Daniel Gordon£3,400£176,80037D C, DMJamaica
Kilian Jakob£3,000£156,00024D/WB/AM LGermany
Kai Eisele£3,000£156,00027GKGermany
Lazar Mirković£3,000£156,00019D C, DMSerbia
Malik Batmaz£2,900£150,80022AM RC, F CTurkey
Stephan Ambrosius£2,600£135,20023D RCGermany
Felix Irorere£1,300£67,60020D CGermany
Leon Jensen£1,000£52,00025AM CGermany
Max Weiߣ930£48,36018GKGermany
Stefano Marino£870£45,24018STGermany
Simone Rapp£600£31,20029AM L, STSwitzerland
Aggelos Rafailidis£450£23,40019AM CGreece
Brooklyn Schwarz£440£22,88017D CGermany
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Emre Ekiz£410£21,32019STTurkey
Eren Öztürk£410£21,32018M CTurkey
Egemen Sarikaya£410£21,32017DMGermany
Jerik Von Der Felsen£370£19,24017GKGermany
Julian Gerold£360£18,72018STGermany
Jakob Weißer£360£18,72018DMAustria
Karim El Abed£350£18,20018D LCTunisia
Karim Elabed£350£18,20018D CTunisia
Luca Bolay£340£17,68019D/WB/M LGermany
Louis Knapp£340£17,68018WB LGermany
Luis Dettling£340£17,68017DMGermany
Michel Schwarz£330£17,16017STGermany
Nick Seidel£320£16,64017D/WB LGermany
Robert Geller£280£14,56018DMGermany
Ramiz Kalici£280£14,56017DMGermany
River Ries£280£14,56017STGermany
Safa Can Boras£270£14,04017WB LGermany
Silviu Capota£270£14,04017STRomania
Silas Meier£270£14,04017D LGermany
Said Souleymané£270£14,04018AM LTogo
Tim Rossmann£260£13,52018D/WB/AM LGermany
Thilo Marksteiner£260£13,52019GKGermany
Efe-Kaan Sihlaroglu£60£3,12017DMTurkey
Leon Pertl£60£3,12017GKAustria
Thomas Souchard£60£3,12016AM RLLuxembourg
Hugo Afonso£60£3,12017DMLuxembourg
Alexander Weigand£60£3,12017D/WB RAustria
Elias Langner£60£3,12016STGermany
Ali Eren Ersungur£60£3,12016AM CTurkey
Firat Alpsoy£60£3,12017AM RTurkey

Who is Karlsruher SC's highest earner?

Philip Heise has the highest salary at Karlsruher SC, earning £11,000 per week

What is Karlsruher SC's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Karlsruher SC total salary bill is £6,739,200 per year

What is Karlsruher SC's monthly wage bill in 2023?

Karlsruher SC total salary bill is £129,600 per week

What league do Karlsruher SC's play in?

Karlsruher SC play in the Bundesliga 2, the second division of mens professional football in Germany.

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