GZ City 2023 Transfers

GZ City transfer spending for 2023/24 is:
  • £0 of player purchases
  • £0 of player sales

GZ City net transfer balance for 2023/24 season is £0

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2023/24: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £0

2023/24: Transfer Departures

Total: £0

2022/23: Transfer Ins

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Yuchen ZhouFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamGK27China
An NingFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamDM26China
Jiqiang LiuFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamDC22China
Delin SunLoan1.FC Düren IILL Mittelr. 2MR21China

2022/23: Transfer Outs

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
GuilhermeFree transferGoiás ECSérie AAM31Brazil
Jiaqi HanFree transferBeijing GuoanSuper LeagueGK23China
Miao TangFree transferChengdu RongchengSuper LeagueDR32China
Chugui YeFree transferMeizhou HakkaSuper LeagueAM28China
Tixiang LiFree transferZhejiang FCSuper LeagueDC33China
Hong GuiFree transferNantong ZhiyunSuper LeagueCF28China
Yongjia LiFree transferMeizhou HakkaSuper LeagueMidfield21China
Yuelei ChengFree transferMeizhou HakkaSuper LeagueGK35China
Jihong JiangFree transferYunnan YukunLeague Two BDC33China
Teng YiFree transferChangchun YataiSuper LeagueDC33China
Wenjie SongFree transferQingdao HainiuSuper LeagueRW32China
Gong ZhangFree transferChengdu RongchengSuper LeagueMC31China
Feiya ChangFree transferTianjin Jinmen TigerSuper LeagueLW30China
Yuchen ZhouFree transferGuangzhou E-PowerNo teamGK28China
Yongjun WenFree transferGuangzhou E-PowerNo teamML19China
Yuncheng FuFree transferQingdao HainiuSuper LeagueDC24China
Jinliang ZhangFree transferGuangzhou E-PowerNo teamDefence24China
Jiajun LiaoFree transferYunnan YukunLeague Two ADefence20China
An NingFree transferDongguan GuanlianLeague OneDM27China
Peng WangFree transferGuangzhou E-PowerNo teamAM25China
Yajun ChenFree transferShenzhen JuniorsNo teamDM24China
Yang YangFree transferDongguan GuanlianLeague OneAttack21China
Jiqiang LiuFree transferGuangzhou E-PowerNo teamDC23China
Chengru WuFree transferGuangzhou E-PowerNo teamMidfield22China
Yikai HuangFree transferGuangzhou E-PowerNo teamDefence18China
Jown CardonaFree transferNo teamNo teamLW28Colombia
Mousa DembéléFree transferNo teamNo teamMC35Belgium
Zhengyu HuangFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamDC25China
Chun-Lok TanFree transferNo teamNo teamMC27Hongkong
Yunlong FanFree transferNo teamNo teamML34China
Chao ZengFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamCF29China
Junjie WuFree transferNo teamNo teamDefence19China
Zhizhao ChenFree transferNo teamNo teamLW34China
Bo JinFree transferNo teamNo teamRW30China
Yuliang SuFree transferNo teamNo teamRW18China
Wenhao LongFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamGK25China
Delin SunFree transferNo teamNo teamMR22China
Zhuoxuan LiFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamDefence21China
Liangkuan JinFree transferNo teamNo teamDC21China
Feng WeiFree transferNo teamNo teamAttack20China
Jianian TangFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamGK20China

2021/22: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Yongjia LiFree transferUnknownUnknownNo teamMidfield20China
Yajun ChenFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamDM23China
Liangkuan JinFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamDC19China
Yuliang SuFree transferGuangzhou City YouthNo teamRW16China
Hong GuiLoanMeizhou HakkaSuper LeagueCF26China
Bo JinLoanZibo CujuLeague OneRW28China
Zheng ZouLoanQingdao FCNo teamDL33China
Chengru WuLoanXinjiang Tianshan LeopardLeague OneMidfield21China
Yang YangLoanSichuan MinzuNo teamAttack20China
Peng WangLoanXinjiang Tianshan LeopardLeague OneAM24China
Yuncheng FuLoanSichuan MinzuNo teamDC23China
Jianian TangLoanNo teamNo teamGK20China
Jiajun LiaoLoanQingdao West CoastLeague OneDefence19China

2021/22: Transfer Departures

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Bo JinLoan with feeZibo CujuLeague OneRW28China
Tiago LeonçoFree transferJEF United ChibaJ2 LeagueCF29Brazil
Ruibao HuFree transferChengdu RongchengSuper LeagueDC25China
Huapeng WangFree transferChongqing Liangjiang AthleticNo teamDR22China
Xiaotian YangFree transferCangzhou Mighty LionsSuper LeagueDL32China
Zheng ZouFree transferSichuan JiuniuLeague OneDL34China
Gustav SvenssonUnknownIFK GöteborgAllsvenskanDM34Sweden
Peng Wangloan transferXinjiang Tianshan LeopardLeague OneAM23China
Chengru Wuloan transferXinjiang Tianshan LeopardLeague OneMidfield20China
Yuncheng Fuloan transferSichuan MinzuLeague Two Rel.DC22China
Yuchen ZhouFree transferGuangzhou City ReservesNo teamGK27China
Pengfei HanLoanWuhan YangtzeSuper LeagueDC28China

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