Shanghai SIPG 2023 Transfers

Shanghai SIPG transfer spending for 2023/24 is:
  • £0 of player purchases
  • £2,640,000 of player sales

Shanghai SIPG net transfer balance for 2023/24 season is £2,640,000

See Shanghai SIPG salaries here.

2023/24: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Lucas JoãoFree transferReading FCLeague OneCF29Angola
Cherif NdiayeLoanAdana DemirsporSüper LigCF27Senegal
Jin FengLoanQingdao HainiuSuper LeagueRW30China
Baiyang LiuLoanGuangxi Pingguo HaliaoLeague OneLW20China
Guan HeLoanWuhan Three TownsSuper LeagueDC30China
Huan FuLoanNanjing CityLeague OneDR30China
Wei ZhangLoanQingdao HainiuSuper LeagueDL30China
Wenjie LeiLoanQingdao West CoastLeague OneLW26China

2023/24: Transfer Departures

Total: £2,640,000

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Paulinho£2,640,000Al-Bataeh CSCUAE Pro LeagueAM29Brazil
Guan HeLoan with feeWuhan Three TownsSuper LeagueDC30China
Cherif NdiayeUnknownAdana DemirsporSüper LigCF27Senegal
Jin Fengloan transferQingdao HainiuSuper LeagueRW29China

2022/23: Transfer Ins

Total: £5,016,000

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Matías Vargas£3,520,000RCD Espanyol BarcelonaLaLigaLW25Argentina
Lei Wu£1,320,000RCD Espanyol BarcelonaLaLigaRW30China
Markus Pink£176,000SK Austria KlagenfurtBundesligaCF32Austria
Tyias BrowningFree transferGuangzhou FCSuper LeagueDC28China
Issa KallonFree transferSC Cambuur LeeuwardenEredivisieRW26Sierra Leone
Shuai LiFree transferNo teamNo teamDL27China
Yiwei WangFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamDR18China
Xiaolong LiuFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamLW19China
Kun LüFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamDC20China
Rongjun XiangFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamDR18China
Guan HeLoanChangchun YataiSuper LeagueDC29China
Huan FuLoanKunshan FCNo teamDR29China
Binbin ChenLoanKataller ToyamaJ3 LeagueLW24China
Rui YuLoanKunshan FCNo teamDC30China
Wei ZhangLoanTianjin Jinmen TigerSuper LeagueDL29China
Wenjie LeiLoanNantong ZhiyunSuper LeagueLW25China
Tong GuoLoanJi'nan XingzhouLeague OneGK20China
Zhenfei HuangLoanNanjing CityLeague OneLW23China
Lihao RenLoanJi'nan XingzhouLeague OneRW21China

2022/23: Transfer Outs

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Aaron MooyFree transferCeltic FCPremiershipMC31Australia
Chunxin ChenFree transferQingdao HainiuSuper LeagueLW25China
Rui YuFree transferSichuan JiuniuLeague OneDC30China
Tong GuoFree transferNantong Zhiyun U21No teamGK21China
Zhenfei HuangFree transferNanjing CityLeague OneLW24China
Cherif Ndiayeloan transferAdana DemirsporSüper LigCF27Senegal
Guan Heloan transferChangchun YataiSuper LeagueDC29China
Huan Fuloan transferKunshan FCLeague OneDR29China
Binbin Chenloan transferKataller ToyamaJ3 LeagueLW24China
Huan Fuloan transferNanjing CityLeague OneDR29China
Wenjie Leiloan transferQingdao West CoastLeague OneLW26China
Wei Zhangloan transferQingdao HainiuSuper LeagueDL30China
Baiyang Liuloan transferGuangxi Pingguo HaliaoLeague OneLW20China
Zhenfei Huangloan transferNanjing CityLeague OneLW23China
Xuhuang ChenFree transferShanghai Port U21No teamDM19China
Lihao RenFree transferNo teamNo teamRW21China
Xin GengFree transferShanghai Port U21No teamAttack20China
Kun LüFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamDC19China
Huiyu ZhangFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamAM19China
Jingchao MengFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamMidfield18China

2021/22: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £5,016,000

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Paulinho£3,449,600Hebei FCSuper LeagueAM27Brazil
Cherif Ndiaye£1,056,000GöztepeSüper LigCF26Senegal
Xin XuFree transferShandong TaishanSuper LeagueMC27China
Linpeng ZhangFree transferGuangzhou FCSuper LeagueDR32China
Jin FengFree transferChongqing Liangjiang AthleticNo teamRW28China
Kun LüFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamDC19China
Xuhuang ChenFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamDM19China
Huiyu ZhangFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamAM19China
Xin GengFree transferShanghai Port ReservesNo teamAttack19China
Baiyang LiuFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamLW19China
Kun LiangFree transferShanghai Port ReservesNo teamGK18China
Jingchao MengFree transferShanghai Port ReservesNo teamMidfield18China
Anjie XiFree transferShanghai Port U19No teamGK18China
Wenjie LeiLoanNantong ZhiyunLeague OneLW24China
Zhenfei HuangLoanHebei ZhuoaoNo teamLW22China

2021/22: Transfer Departures

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Marko Arnautovic£5,280,000Bologna FC 1909Serie ACF32Austria
Tong GuoLoan with feeJi'nan XingzhouLeague Two Prom.GK20China
Lihao RenLoan with feeJi'nan XingzhouLeague Two Prom.RW21China
Jinghang HuFree transferWuhan YangtzeSuper LeagueCF24China
Haisheng GaoFree transferZibo CujuLeague OneMC25China
Boyan JiaFree transferGrasshopper Club ZurichSuper LeagueLW18China
Meng NieFree transferDandong TengyueLeague Two Prom.DL24China
Rui Yuloan transferKunshan FCLeague OneDC29China
Wenjie Leiloan transferNantong ZhiyunLeague OneLW24China
Wei Zhangloan transferTianjin Jinmen TigerSuper LeagueDL29China
Wenjie Leiloan transferNantong ZhiyunLeague OneLW25China
Yi Zhangloan transferTianjin Jinmen TigerSuper LeagueMC28China
Ante MajstorovicFree transferNo teamNo teamDC28Croatia
Ricardo LopesFree transferShanghai Port ReservesNo teamLW31Brazil
Hao PengFree transferShanghai Port ReservesNo teamDM19China

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