Aberdeen 2020 - Player Wages

Aberdeen have a total of 48 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Joe Lewis earning £5,100 per week.

Aberdeen play in the Ladbrokes Premiership, the highest division of football in Scotland.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £3,377,920 per year
  • £64,960 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Joe Lewis£5,100£265,20031GKEngland
Craig Bryson£4,400£228,80032M CScotland
Niall McGinn£3,900£202,80031AM RLN.Ireland
Andrew Considine£3,500£182,00032D LCScotland
Dylan McGeouch£3,400£176,80026DMScotland
Funso Ojo£3,300£171,60027DMBelgium
Greg Leigh£3,200£166,40024D/WB LEngland
Lewis Ferguson£3,000£156,00019AM CScotland
Matty Kennedy£2,900£150,80024AM LCN.Ireland
Ryan Hedges£2,700£140,40023AM RLWales
Scott McKenna£2,600£135,20022D CScotland
Shay Logan£2,600£135,20031D REngland
Ash Taylor£2,500£130,00028D CWales
Curtis Main£2,400£124,80027STEngland
Dean Campbell£2,400£124,80018DMScotland
Mikey Devlin£1,900£98,80025D CScotland
Sam Cosgrove£1,600£83,20022STEngland
Connor McLennan£1,400£72,80020AM RL, STScotland
Frank Ross£1,300£67,60021AM CScotland
Jon Gallagher£1,100£57,20023AM RLIreland
Bruce Anderson£840£43,68020STScotland
Jack MacKenzie£760£39,52019D/WB/M LScotland
Ronald Hernández£700£36,40021D/WB RVenezuela
Scott Wright£600£31,20021AM RLScotland
Tomás Cerný£600£31,20034GKCzech Republic
Chris Antoniazzi£380£19,76019AM RC, F CScotland
Conor Power£380£19,76017D CIreland
Mark Gallagher£380£19,76018M RCScotland
Michael Ruth£380£19,76017AM/F CScotland
Kevin Hanratty£350£18,20016AM/F CScotland
Lyall Booth£340£17,68016D/WB/M LScotland
Jack Chesser£310£16,12017DMScotland
Kieran Shanks£300£15,60017STScotland
Kyle Dalling£300£15,60017STScotland
Lewis Duncan£290£15,08017AM CScotland
Lloyd Robertson£290£15,08018D RCScotland
Luc Bollan£290£15,08019D CScotland
Luke Turner£290£15,08017D CIreland
Max Barry£280£14,56017M CScotland
Sam Jackson£270£14,04019GKEngland
Tom Ritchie£260£13,52016GKScotland
Connor Barron£250£13,00016M CScotland
Sean Linden£220£11,44017M RScotland
David Dangana£200£10,40019STNigeria
Seb Ross£200£10,40019AM CScotland
Tyler Mykyta£150£7,80016AM LCScotland
Michael Dangana£120£6,24016STScotland
Calvin Ramsay£30£1,56015D/WB RScotland

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