St. Johnstone 2023 - Player Wages

St. Johnstone have a total of 41 players in their home squad. St. Johnstone play in the cinch Premiership, the highest division of football in Scotland.

St. Johnstone total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £2,392,000 per year
  • £46,000 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Remi Matthews earning £4,700 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Remi Matthews£4,700£244,40028GKEngland
Adam Montgomery£4,500£234,00019D/WB/AM LScotland
Melker Hallberg£2,900£150,80026DMSweden
Nicky Clark£2,900£150,80031AM LC, F CScotland
Andy Considine£2,500£130,00035D LCScotland
Connor McLennan£2,400£124,80022AM RLScotland
Graham Carey£2,200£114,40033WB L, AM RLCIreland
Liam Gordon£2,000£104,00026D CScotland
Theo Bair£1,600£83,20022AM L, STCanada
Ali Crawford£1,500£78,00030AM CScotland
Cammy MacPherson£1,400£72,80023M CScotland
David Wotherspoon£1,400£72,80032AM LCCanada
Chris Kane£1,400£72,80027STScotland
Callum Booth£1,400£72,80031D/WB LScotland
Daniel Phillips£1,400£72,80021DMTrinidad & Tobago
Drey Wright£1,400£72,80027WB R, AM RLCEngland
James Brown£1,100£57,20024D/WB RLEngland
John Mahon£1,100£57,20022D CIreland
Jamie Murphy£1,100£57,20032AM LScotland
Elliott Parish£910£47,32032GKEngland
Murray Davidson£900£46,80034M CScotland
Michael O'Halloran£900£46,80031AM RLC, F CScotland
Ryan McGowan£730£37,96032D RCAustralia
Stevie May£600£31,20029STScotland
Tony Gallacher£600£31,20022D/WB RLScotland
Alex Mitchell£550£28,60020D CEngland
Jack Wills£410£21,32019GKScotland
William Sandford£380£19,76020DMSweden
Max Kucheriavyi£120£6,24020AM LC, STUkraine
Joe Ellison£110£5,72016M LScotland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Bayley Klimionek£110£5,72016D LCScotland
Adam McMillan£110£5,72016M CScotland
Ben McCrystal£110£5,72016M LScotland
Kodi McKinstray£110£5,72016M CScotland
Craig Hepburn£110£5,72017GKScotland
Cole Bullard£110£5,72016M RScotland
Bailey Pert£110£5,72017M CScotland
Filip Franczak£30£1,56016M CScotland
Scott Bright£30£1,56015D/WB RLScotland
Kyle Scott£30£1,56015D RScotland
Lucas McKimmie£30£1,56017GKScotland

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Who is St. Johnstone's highest earner?

Remi Matthews has the highest salary at St. Johnstone, earning £4,700 per week

What is St. Johnstone's yearly wage bill in 2023?

St. Johnstone total salary bill is £2,392,000 per year

What is St. Johnstone's weekly wage bill in 2023?

St. Johnstone total salary bill is £46,000 per week

What league do St. Johnstone's play in?

St. Johnstone play in the cinch Premiership, the highest division of football in Scotland.

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