Hearts 2020 - Player Wages

Hearts have a total of 44 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Joel Pereira earning £15,000 per week.

Hearts play in the Ladbrokes Premiership, the highest division of football in Scotland.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £4,096,560 per year
  • £78,780 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Joel Pereira£15,000£780,00023GKPortugal
Ryôtarô Meshino£8,000£416,00021AM LCJapan
Steven Naismith£4,600£239,20032AM/F CScotland
Conor Washington£4,400£228,80027AM RL, STN.Ireland
Jamie Walker£3,100£161,20026AM RLCScotland
John Souttar£3,100£161,20022D RCScotland
Liam Boyce£3,000£156,00028STN.Ireland
Sean Clare£2,600£135,20022D/M REngland
Toby Sibbick£2,600£135,20020D RC, DMEngland
Aidan White£2,500£130,00027D/WB/M LIreland
Clévid Dikamona£2,400£124,80029D CCongo
Craig Halkett£2,400£124,80024D CScotland
Donis Avdijaj£2,400£124,80022AM RLC, F CKosovo
Loïc Damour£2,000£104,00028DMFrance
Michael Smith£1,900£98,80030D RCN.Ireland
Oliver Bozanic£1,800£93,60030DMAustralia
Peter Haring£1,800£93,60026D C, DMAustria
Ben Garuccio£1,500£78,00024D/WB/M LAustralia
Colin Doyle£1,400£72,80034GKIreland
Zdenek Zlamal£1,300£67,60033GKCzech Republic
Andy Irving£900£46,80019M CScotland
Marcel Langer£900£46,80022D RL, DMGermany
Harry Cochrane£830£43,16018DMScotland
Jamie Brandon£810£42,12021D/WB/M RScotland
Anthony McDonald£600£31,20018AM RLCScotland
Connor Smith£580£30,16017AM CScotland
Harry Stone£530£27,56017GKScotland
Uche Ikpeazu£500£26,00024STEngland
Lewis Moore£490£25,48021AM RLScotland
Alex Petkov£450£23,40019D C, DMBulgaria
Cammy Logan£430£22,36017D RScotland
Euan Henderson£410£21,32019AM RL, STScotland
Aaron Hickey£400£20,80017D RLScotland
Arron Darge£400£20,80016D CScotland
Brodie Strang£390£20,28016DMScotland
Jay Charleston-King£310£16,12016AM R, STScotland
Jay Nwanze£310£16,12018D CIreland
Jay Sandison£310£16,12018D LScotland
Leo Watson£290£15,08016D LScotland
MacKenzie Lawler£280£14,56016AM L, STScotland
Ryan Schiavone£230£11,96016AM R, STScotland
Scott McGill£220£11,44017AM CScotland
Sean Ward£220£11,44017AM LScotland
Cian Kavanagh£190£9,88016AM L, STIreland

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