Motherwell 2020 - Player Wages

Motherwell have a total of 39 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Rolando Aarons earning £12,000 per week.

Motherwell play in the Ladbrokes Premiership, the highest division of football in Scotland.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,283,840 per year
  • £43,920 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Rolando Aarons£12,000£624,00023AM RLEngland
Chris Long£2,400£124,80024AM RL, STEngland
David Turnbull£2,400£124,80019AM CScotland
Mark O'Hara£1,900£98,80023AM RCScotland
Mikael Ndjoli£1,900£98,80020AM RL, STEngland
Allan Campbell£1,500£78,00020DM, AM CScotland
Charles Dunne£1,400£72,80026D LCIreland
Christian Ilic£1,400£72,80022AM RLCroatia
Declan Gallagher£1,400£72,80028D RCScotland
Jake Carroll£1,100£57,20027D/WB LIreland
Jermaine Hylton£1,100£57,20027AM RLC, F CEngland
Liam Donnelly£1,000£52,00023D RC, DMN.Ireland
Liam Grimshaw£1,000£52,00024D/WB R, DMEngland
Liam Polworth£1,000£52,00024AM RCScotland
Barry Maguire£990£51,48021D C, DMScotland
Christy Manzinga£940£48,88024STDR Congo
Mark Gillespie£900£46,80027GKEngland
Bevis Mugabi£890£46,28024D RCUganda
Peter Hartley£800£41,60031D CEngland
Jamie Semple£760£39,52018AM RLC, F CScotland
Richard Tait£700£36,40029D/WB RLScotland
Sherwin Seedorf£600£31,20021AM RLHolland
Tony Watt£600£31,20025STScotland
Trevor Carson£600£31,20031GKN.Ireland
Ross MacIver£580£30,16020AM RLC, F CScotland
Adam Kettings£450£23,40017M CScotland
Cole Starrs£430£22,36017STScotland
PJ Morrison£400£20,80021GKScotland
Cammy Williamson£380£19,76016D LScotland
Dean Cornelius£370£19,24018M RLCScotland
Jack Brown£360£18,72016D RCScotland
Matthew Connelly£280£14,56016GKScotland
Matthew McDonald£280£14,56016D RScotland
Paul Hale£250£13,00016M CScotland
Robbie Hemfrey£230£11,96017GKScotland
Sam Muir£220£11,44016D LCScotland
Yusuf Hussain£160£8,32018D CScotland
Findlay Cook£150£7,80017STScotland
Lewis Robertson£100£5,20016M CScotland

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