Ross County 2020 - Player Wages

Ross County have a total of 37 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Nathan Baxter earning £2,900 per week.

Ross County play in the Ladbrokes Premiership, the highest division of football in Scotland.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £1,570,400 per year
  • £30,200 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Nathan Baxter£2,900£150,80020GKEngland
Billy Mckay£2,500£130,00030STN.Ireland
Jordan Tillson£2,100£109,20026D C, DMEngland
Lee Erwin£2,000£104,00025AM R, STScotland
Blair Spittal£1,500£78,00023AM RCScotland
Don Cowie£1,400£72,80036M RCScotland
Harry Paton£1,200£62,40021M RCCanada
Iain Vigurs£1,100£57,20031DMScotland
Josh Mullin£1,100£57,20026WB/AM RScotland
Callum Morris£1,030£53,56029D CN.Ireland
Liam Fontaine£1,000£52,00033D CEngland
Coll Donaldson£980£50,96024D CScotland
Joe Chalmers£910£47,32025D L, DMScotland
Keith Watson£900£46,80029D RCScotland
Marcus Fraser£900£46,80025D RCScotland
Michael Gardyne£900£46,80033AM RL, STScotland
Lewis Spence£890£46,28023DMScotland
Oli Shaw£800£41,60021STScotland
Ross Laidlaw£780£40,56026GKScotland
Sean Kelly£770£40,04025D LCScotland
Tom Grivosti£760£39,52020D CEngland
Richard Foster£700£36,40033D/WB RLScotland
Ross Draper£700£36,40030DMEngland
Ross Stewart£680£35,36022STScotland
Tommy Dixon-Hodge£250£13,00018GKEngland
Charlie Watt£220£11,44018STEngland
Josh Black£200£10,40017D LScotland
Ruari Fraser£200£10,40018D C, DMScotland
Joel Macbeath£160£8,32018STScotland
Jack Noel£150£7,80016AM RScotland
Josh Reid£150£7,80017D LScotland
Matthew Wright£150£7,80016STScotland
Craig MacKenzie£100£5,20016M CScotland
Adam Mackinnon£30£1,56016M CScotland
Ben Williamson£30£1,56016D RScotland
Harvey Kane£30£1,56016D RCScotland
Jamie Stephen£30£1,56016GKScotland

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