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Reading - 2023 Player Wages

Reading have a total of 77 players in their home squad. Reading play in the League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

Reading total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £4,921,800 per year
  • £94,650 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Ovie Ejaria earning £7,800 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ovie Ejaria£7,800£405,60025AM LCEngland
Paul Mukairu£5,800£301,60023AM L, STNigeria
Sam Smith£5,600£291,20025AM R, STEngland
Dom Ballard£5,400£280,80018STEngland
Harlee Dean£5,200£270,40031D CEngland
Harvey Knibbs£4,200£218,40024AM RC, F CEngland
Lewis Wing£4,000£208,00028DMEngland
Tom McIntyre£3,600£187,20024D LC, DMScotland
Andy Yiadom£3,500£182,00031D RLCGhana
Clinton Mola£3,400£176,80022D LC, DMEngland
Nesta Guinness-Walker£2,900£150,80023D/WB/M LEngland
Tom Holmes£2,600£135,20023D CEngland
Sam Hutchinson£2,600£135,20033D C, DMEngland
Amadou Mbengue£2,500£130,00021D RCFrance
Ben Elliott£2,500£130,00020DM, AM RCCameroon
Coniah Boyce-Clarke£2,400£124,80020GKJamaica
Charlie Savage£2,400£124,80020DM, AM CWales
Femi Azeez£2,300£119,60022AM RL, STEngland
Joel Pereira£2,100£109,20027GKPortugal
David Button£1,400£72,80034GKEngland
Jeriel Dorsett£1,100£57,20021D CEngland
Nelson Abbey£900£46,80019D CEngland
Michael Craig£900£46,80020DMScotland
Jayden Wareham£810£42,12020STEngland
John Ryan£810£42,12019D/WB LIreland
Kelvin Ehibhatiomhan£700£36,40020STEngland
Adrian Akande£700£36,40019AM RLC, F CNigeria
Caylan Vickers£680£35,36018AM/F CEngland
Geniero Maragh£640£33,280D LEngland
Hamid Abdul-Salem£630£32,76019D/WB R, DMEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jahmari Clarke£610£31,72019STEngland
John Clarke£610£31,72019D/WB LEngland
Tivonge Rushesha£600£31,20020D RCWales
Ajani Giscombe£600£31,20018AM CEngland
Benji Purcell£590£30,68018DMWales
Basil Tuma£590£30,68018AM R, STUganda
Mamadi Camará£580£30,16019AM RLCGuinea-Bissau
Matty Carson£580£30,16020D/WB LScotland
Billie Clark£540£28,08018AM LEngland
Charlie Wellens£530£27,56020D R, AM RCEngland
Harvey Collins£530£27,56020GKEngland
Harvey Maudner£530£27,56019AM RLCEngland
Tyler Bindon£510£26,52018D RCNew Zealand
Jacob Hammond-Chambers-Borgnis£510£26,520DMNew Zealand
Jeremiah Okine-Peters£510£26,520AM RLEngland
Kelvin Abrefa£500£26,00019D/WB RGhana
Michael Stickland£480£24,96019D CEngland
Matt Rowley£480£24,96019GKEngland
Abraham Kanu£450£23,40018D CEngland
Tom Norcott£410£21,32018GKEngland
Sam Paul£320£16,64019D/WB REngland
Toby Mawer£260£13,520GKEngland
Boyd Beacroft£220£11,44020D CEngland
Jack Timberlake£220£11,440STEngland
Shay Spencer£220£11,440M CEngland
Jayden Porter-Atkinson£220£11,440DMEngland
Denim Nnamudi£220£11,440AM CEngland
Joe Barough£220£11,440DMEngland
Aaron White£220£11,440D CEngland
William Gutierrez Ramirez£220£11,440D/WB REngland
Harrison Rhone£220£11,440GKEngland
Dennis Bossman£220£11,44016STEngland
Jerae Jones£220£11,440AM RLEngland
Taylan Harris£60£3,12017AM RLCEngland
Matthew Goulding£60£3,120D CEngland
Tyler Field£60£3,120D/WB LEngland
Verrell George£60£3,12015STEngland
Kiyan Coke-Miles-Smith£60£3,120AM LEngland
Luke Howard£60£3,120AM CEngland
Thierry Rohart-Brown£60£3,120AM CEngland
Tyler Sackey£60£3,120DMEngland
Emmanuel Osho£60£3,120D RCEngland
Philip Duah£60£3,120D CEngland
Kai Source£60£3,120D LEngland
Ashqar Ahmed£60£3,120D REngland
Josh Welland£60£3,120GKEngland
James Sharlott£60£3,120GKEngland

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Who is Reading's highest earner?

Ovie Ejaria has the highest salary at Reading, earning £7,800 per week

What is Reading's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Reading total salary bill is £4,921,800 per year

What is Reading's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Reading total salary bill is £94,650 per week

What league do Reading's play in?

Reading play in the League One, the third division of mens professional football in England.

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