Lokomotiv Moscow 2021 - Player Wages

Lokomotiv Moscow have a total of 81 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Fedor Smolov earning £53,000 per week.

Lokomotiv Moscow play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £23,899,720 per year
  • £459,610 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fedor Smolov£53,000£2,756,00031STRussia
Anton Miranchuk£36,000£1,872,00025AM RLCRussia
Faustino Anjorin£27,000£1,404,00019AM CEngland
Dmitry Barinov£26,000£1,352,00024D C, DMRussia
Zé Luís£25,000£1,300,00030STCape Verde
François Kamano£24,000£1,248,00025AM RL, STGuinea
Murilo£23,000£1,196,00024D CBrazil
Pablo£23,000£1,196,00030D CBrazil
Maciej Rybus£19,000£988,00031D/WB/M LPoland
Dmitry Zhivoglyadov£19,000£988,00027D/WB RRussia
Rifat Zhemaletdinov£19,000£988,00024AM RLCRussia
Alexis Beka Beka£18,000£936,00020DMFrance
Konstantin Maradishvili£18,000£936,00021DMRussia
Tin Jedvaj£18,000£936,00025D RCCroatia
Gyrano Kerk£14,000£728,00025AM R, STHolland
Dmitry Rybchinskiy£14,000£728,00022AM RLRussia
Nayair Tiknizyan£11,000£572,00022D/WB/AM LRussia
Maxim Nenakhov£11,000£572,00022D RLRussia
Stanislav Magkeev£7,600£395,20022D C, DMRussia
Boris Rotenberg£3,500£182,00035D/WB RRussia
Alexandr Siljanov£2,500£130,00020D RLRussia
Andrey Savin£600£31,20021GKRussia
Vitaliy Lisakovich£500£26,00023AM RLC, F CBelarus
Daniil Khudyakov£480£24,96017GKRussia
Maxim Aktisov£390£20,28021D CRussia
Marat Bokoev£310£16,12019D CRussia
Timofey Baraboshkin£290£15,08020AM RRussia
Vadim Karev£290£15,08020AM RLRussia
Mikhail Ivankov£290£15,08020D CRussia
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Vladimir Abramov£250£13,00019D LRussia
Ivan Kotelnikov£200£10,40019AM CRussia
Alexandr Kasjanenko£200£10,40019GKRussia
Nikita Dronov£200£10,40020D RLRussia
Nikita Khlynov£200£10,40019STRussia
Ivan Shmakov£200£10,40019D C, DMRussia
Ivan Bezrukov£200£10,40020AM RL, STRussia
Kirill Zinovich£180£9,36018AM CBelarus
Maxim Matveev£160£8,32019D LRussia
Grigory Borisenko£160£8,32019AM RRussia
Alexiy Kostyuk£160£8,32023D LRussia
Alexandr Koryakin£160£8,32019GKRussia
Matvey Pershin£130£6,76018STRussia
Artem Karpukas£130£6,76019DMRussia
Alexey Larin£130£6,76018AM L, STRussia
Sergey Varatynov£130£6,76018D CRussia
Timur Kasimov£130£6,76018AM L, STRussia
Lev Ushakhin£130£6,76019D CRussia
Maxim Gavrilov£110£5,72018AM R, STRussia
Evgeny Morozov£110£5,72020D C, DMRussia
Kirill Kiryanin£100£5,20018D RRussia
Ilja Gritsak£100£5,20019AM RLRussia
Yegor Pogostnov£100£5,20017D CRussia
Alexey Kazarinov£100£5,20019D RRussia
Ilja Belikov£80£4,16018D L, DMRussia
Semyon Masalov£60£3,12017DMRussia
Ilja Vinnikov£60£3,12018M CRussia
Vladislav Romantsev£60£3,12017AM CRussia
Nikita Matyunin£60£3,12017GKRussia
Daniil Kotelnikov£50£2,60018DM, AM CRussia
Daniil Kulikov£50£2,60023DMRussia
Kirill Pershin£50£2,60017M CRussia
Denis Uralev£50£2,60018GKRussia
Yegor Yeliseenko£50£2,60017STRussia
Nikita Sharkov£40£2,08020D R, DMRussia
Ilja Petukhov£40£2,08020DMRussia
Kirill Nikishin£40£2,08017AM R, STRussia
Daniil Zaretskiy£40£2,08019M RCRussia
Denis Valter£40£2,08019M CRussia
Nikita Zhuravlev£40£2,08017D CRussia
Kirill Ivashkin£40£2,08017D RRussia
Daniil Fomin£40£2,08018DMRussia
Daniil Chernyakov£40£2,08020AM CRussia
Roman Kolmakov£40£2,08017AM RLRussia
Artur Cherny£40£2,08020D RCRussia
Sergey Babkin£30£1,56018DMRussia
Matvey Chekalin£30£1,56018M LRussia
Mikhail Barinov£30£1,56018D CRussia
Maxim Petrov£30£1,56020AM CRussia
Yury Kudrevaty£30£1,56018D RLRussia
Matvey Bogatov£30£1,56018AM LRussia

Who is Lokomotiv Moscow's highest earner?

Fedor Smolov has the highest salary at Lokomotiv Moscow, earning £53,000 per week

What is Lokomotiv Moscow's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Lokomotiv Moscow total salary bill is £23,899,720 per year

What is Lokomotiv Moscow's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Lokomotiv Moscow total salary bill is £459,610 per week

What league do Lokomotiv Moscow's play in?

Lokomotiv Moscow play in the Russian Premier League, the highest league of professional football in Russia.

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