Derby 2020 - Player Wages

Derby have a total of 64 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Wayne Rooney earning £46,000 per week.

Derby play in the Sky Bet Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £18,641,480 per year
  • £358,490 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Wayne Rooney£46,000£2,392,00033DM, AM/F CEngland
Ikechi Anya£29,000£1,508,00031D/WB/AM RLScotland
Curtis Davies£27,000£1,404,00034D CEngland
Tom Lawrence£27,000£1,404,00025AM RLCWales
Andre Wisdom£26,000£1,352,00026D RCEngland
Tom Huddlestone£22,000£1,144,00032D C, DMEngland
Matt Clarke£21,000£1,092,00022D LCEngland
Chris Martin£20,000£1,040,00030STScotland
Krystian Bielik£20,000£1,040,00021D C, DMPoland
Jack Marriott£18,000£936,00024STEngland
Scott Malone£18,000£936,00028D/WB LEngland
Craig Forsyth£9,400£488,80030D LC, M LScotland
Ben Hamer£8,500£442,00031GKEngland
Martyn Waghorn£7,900£410,80029AM RLC, F CEngland
George Evans£6,200£322,40024D C, DMEngland
Graeme Shinnie£6,200£322,40027D/WB L, DMScotland
Duane Holmes£5,400£280,80024AM RCU.S.A.
Florian Jozefzoon£5,300£275,60028AM RLHolland
Kelle Roos£5,000£260,00027GKHolland
Jason Knight£4,100£213,20018AM CIreland
Max Lowe£3,900£202,80022D/WB LEngland
Jayden Bogle£3,100£161,20018D/WB REngland
Max Bird£2,900£150,80018DMEngland
Morgan Whittaker£2,900£150,80018AM RL, STEngland
Rushian Hepburn-Murphy£2,700£140,40020STEngland
Jahmal Hector-Ingram£860£44,72020AM RL, STEngland
Ben Warner£840£43,68025GKEngland
Alex Babos£600£31,20021AM/F CWales
Henrich Ravas£530£27,56021GKSlovakia
Josh Shonibare£510£26,52021AM RLCEngland
Louie Sibley£490£25,48017AM CEngland
Callum Minkley£480£24,96018D RCEngland
Ethan Sephton£460£23,92018D LEngland
Ethan Wassall£460£23,92021D CEngland
Joe Bateman£410£21,32020D C, DMEngland
Jordan Brown£410£21,32019D RLC, DM, M REngland
Lee Buchanan£390£20,28018D LCEngland
Cameron Cresswell£380£19,76019AM RL, STEngland
Connor Dixon£380£19,76018AM CEngland
Matt Yates£380£19,76020GKEngland
Sam French£320£16,64018GKEngland
Tyree Wilson£310£16,12018WB L, AM RLEngland
Yohan Greco£260£13,52018STFrance
Alex Matthews£120£6,24016AM CEngland
Andres Perez De Gracia£120£6,24016D C, DMEngland
Archie Brown£120£6,24017D/WB L, AM L, STEngland
Bartosz Cybulski£120£6,24016STPoland
Bradley Foster-Theniger£120£6,24017GKEngland
Eiran Cashin£120£6,24017D CEngland
Eno Nto£120£6,24016AM RLEngland
Festy Ebosele£120£6,24016D/WB R, M R, STNigeria
Harrison Solomon£120£6,24016D CEngland
Harry Halwax£120£6,24017GKIreland
Hugo Jinkinson£120£6,24016D C, DMEngland
Jack Rogers£120£6,24016AM RLCEngland
Jack Stretton£120£6,24017AM RL, STScotland
Jaden Charles£120£6,24017D/WB L, DMEngland
Javaun Splatt£120£6,24018AM RL, STEngland
Kornell McDonald£120£6,24017D/WB/M REngland
Liam Thompson£120£6,24018DMEngland
Max Bardell£120£6,24016D/WB REngland
Osazee Aghatise£120£6,24016AM RL, STNigeria
Seb Thompson£120£6,24016AM RLC, F CEngland
Will Grewal-Pollard£120£6,24016D CEngland

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