Carlisle United 2021 - Player Wages

Carlisle United have a total of 46 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Brennan Dickenson earning £2,500 per week.

Carlisle United play in the Sky Bet League Two, the fourth division of mens professional football in England and the lowest football league division.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £1,536,600 per year
  • £29,550 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Brennan Dickenson£2,500£130,00026D/WB/M/AM (L)England
Callum Guy£2,400£124,80023M/AM (C)England
Dean Furman£2,400£124,80032M (C)South Africa
Connor Malley£1,400£72,80020M/AM (C)England
George Tanner£1,200£62,40020D/WB (RL), M (R)England
Gimé Touré£1,200£62,40026AM (C), ST (C)France
Jon Mellish£1,100£57,20022D/M (C)England
Joe Riley£1,100£57,20023D (RL), M (R)England
Lewis Alessandra£1,000£52,00031M/AM (RLC), ST (C)England
Aaron Hayden£1,000£52,00023D (RC)England
Nick Anderton£900£46,80024D/WB (L)England
Gavin Reilly£890£46,28027ST (C)Scotland
Max Hunt£880£45,76021D (C)England
Magnus Norman£880£45,76023GKEngland
Omari Patrick£860£44,72024AM (RL), ST (C)England
Paul Farman£800£41,60030GKEngland
Danny Devine£770£40,04022DM, M (C)England
Joshua Kayode£710£36,92019ST (C)Ireland
Rod McDonald£700£36,40028D (LC)England
Rhys Bennett£700£36,40028D (RC), DMEngland
Marcus Dewhurst£580£30,16019GKEngland
Ethan Walker£560£29,12017AM (RL), ST (C)England
Josh Dixon£510£26,52019M/AM (C)England
Jack Armer£510£26,52019D (LC)Scotland
Micah Obiero£380£19,76019ST (C)England
Lewis Bell£290£15,08017AM (RL)England
Taylor Charters£260£13,52018M (LC), AM (C)England
Tom Wilson£250£13,00018D (C)England
Charlie Birch£250£13,00018D/WB/AM (L)England
Jamie Armstrong£250£13,00019M/AM (RC)Scotland
Joshua Barnett£145£7,54016D (C)England
Isaac Robinson£145£7,54017GKEngland
Max Kilsby£145£7,54016D (LC), WB (L)England
Sam Fishburn£145£7,54016ST (C)England
Elliott Day£145£7,54017D (C)England
Roan Steele£145£7,54017D (RC)England
Gabriel Breeze£145£7,54016GKEngland
Scott Simons£145£7,54016GKEngland
Lewis Rooks£145£7,54017M/AM (C)England
Ryan Swailes£145£7,54017DM, M (C)England
Dylan Garvey£145£7,54016M (LC), AM (L)England
DJ Taylor£145£7,54016AM (RLC), ST (C)England
Charlie Watt£145£7,54016M (RLC)England
Adam Walton£145£7,54017D (R), M (C)England
Jack Ellis£145£7,54016DM, M (RC)England
Keelan Leslie£145£7,54017D (L)England

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