Port FC 2021 - Player Wages

Port FC have a total of 31 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Heberty earning £12,000 per week.

Port FC play in the Thai League, the premier division of mens professional football in Thailand.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,151,292 per year
  • £41,371 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Heberty£12,000£624,00031AM (RLC), ST (C)Brazil
Charyl Chappuis£6,400£332,80028DM, M (C)Thailand
David Rochela£4,400£228,80030D (C), DMSpain
Nelson Bonilla£3,900£202,80029ST (C)El Salvador
Tanaboon Kesarat£2,600£135,20026D (C), DM, M (C)Thailand
Sergio Suárez£2,600£135,20033AM (RLC)Spain
Adisorn Promrak£1,500£78,00026D (RC)Thailand
Thitawee Aksornsri£904£47,00822D (RC)Thailand
Thitathorn Aksornsri£904£47,00822D (L)Thailand
Nitipong Selanon£827£43,00427D/WB/M (R)Thailand
Elias Dolah£806£41,91227D (C)Thailand
Prakorn Prempak£696£36,19227M/AM (R)Thailand
Todsapol Lated£656£34,11231D (C)Thailand
Siwakorn Chakkuprasart£541£28,13228DM, M (C)Thailand
Rattanai Songsangchan£427£22,20425GKThailand
Sarawut Kanlayanabandit£417£21,68429D (C)Thailand
Sansern Limwatthana£377£19,60422M/AM (C)Thailand
Watchara Buathong£377£19,60427GKThailand
Worawut Srisupha£377£19,60428GKThailand
Kannarin Thawonsak£343£17,83623DM, M/AM (C)Thailand
Nattawut Sombatyota£149£7,74824AM (RLC), ST (C)Thailand
Worrawut Namvech£124£6,44825D (C)Thailand
Pattharapol Jiemking£46£2,39223AM (R), ST (C)Thailand
Go Seul-Ki£0£034DM, M (C)South Korea
Thanasit Siriphala£0£024AM (RLC)Thailand
Kevin Deeromram£0£022D/WB (L)Thailand
Martin Steuble£0£032D/WB/M (L)Philippines
Bordin Phala£0£025M/AM (RL)Thailand
Phodchara Chainarong£0£019ST (C)Thailand
Adisak Kraisorn£0£029AM (L), ST (C)Thailand
Chatcharin Phutangdan£0£030GKThailand

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