Zhou Guanyu - Salary & Contract

Zhou Guanyu earns £1,620,000 per year driving for Alfa Romeo in Formula 1. Zhou Guanyu net worth is £2,430,000, earnt over 2 seasons in Formula One. Zhou Guanyu was born in China.

Career Earnings:

YearTeam / ConstructorSalary
2022Alfa Romeo£810,000
2023Alfa Romeo£1,620,000

Journey to F1

Zhou began his karting career at the age of eight in China, before relocating to Sheffield in 2012. There, he raced with the Strawberry Racing team and won the Super 1 National Rotax Max Junior Championship and Rotax Max Euro Challenge in 2013. He finished second in the Rotax Max Senior Euro Challenge in his final year of karting. In 2015, Zhou competed in the Italian F4 Championship with the Prema Powerteam, finishing the season as vice-champion and best rookie. He also participated in select rounds of the German ADAC F4 Championship, managing two podium finishes. Zhou joined Motopark for the 2016 FIA European F3 Championship, finishing 13th overall. In 2017 and 2018, he remained with Prema for the F3 seasons, with improved rankings and wins, despite several retirements due to collisions and tyre issues. Zhou moved up to the FIA Formula 2 Championship in 2019 with UNI-Virtuosi Racing. He earned his first podium and pole position that year, ending the season seventh overall. He continued with UNI-Virtuosi in 2020 and 2021, with consistent performance improvements, ultimately concluding the 2021 season third in the championship. During the winter break before the 2021 Formula 2 season, Zhou competed in the 2021 F3 Asian Championship with Abu Dhabi Racing by Prema. He won the championship that season.

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