Oostende 2023 - Player Wages

Oostende have a total of 62 players in their home squad. Oostende play in the Belgian Pro League, the highest division of football in Belgium.

Oostende total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £4,421,040 per year
  • £85,020 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Fraser Hornby earning £7,300 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fraser Hornby£7,300£379,60022AM/F CScotland
David Atanga£5,400£280,80025AM RLGhana
Dillon Phillips£4,400£228,80027GKEngland
Indy Boonen£4,100£213,20023AM RLCBelgium
Maxime D'Arpino£3,900£202,80026DM, AM CFrance
Osaze Urhoghide£3,800£197,60022D CEngland
Sieben Dewaele£3,600£187,20023DMBelgium
Cameron McGeehan£3,400£176,80027AM CN.Ireland
Guillaume Hubert£3,200£166,40028GKBelgium
Zech Medley£3,000£156,00022D LCEngland
Nick Bätzner£2,900£150,80022AM RCGermany
Robbie D'Haese£2,700£140,40023WB/AM RBelgium
Thierry Ambrose£2,600£135,20025AM R, STFrance
Théo Ndicka Matam£2,600£135,20022D/WB/AM LFrance
Brecht Capon£2,500£130,00034D/WB R, AM R, STBelgium
Anton Tanghe£2,500£130,00023D RC, DMBelgium
Alfons Amade£2,500£130,00022D/WB R, DMGermany
Dapo Mebude£2,400£124,80020AM RL, STScotland
Fanos Katelaris£2,300£119,60025D C, DMCyprus
Kenny Rocha Santos£2,000£104,00022AM CCape Verde
Tatsuhiro Sakamoto£1,600£83,20025AM RCJapan
Alessandro Albanese£1,500£78,00022AM RLBelgium
Jordy Schelfhout£1,100£57,20021GKBelgium
Andy Musayev£960£49,92019AM RLC, F CBelgium
Manuel Osifo£840£43,68018D C, DMBelgium
Mohamed Berte£840£43,68020AM LBelgium
Preben Stiers£810£42,12020STBelgium
Arne De Schepper£660£34,32021D/WB RBelgium
Siebe Wylin£600£31,20019D RBelgium
Richmond Badu£580£30,16020GKBelgium
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Vincent Koziello£500£26,00026DMFrance
Darren Degryse£460£23,92020AM LCBelgium
David Mahrban Moqadam£460£23,92018D/WB/AM RBelgium
Ezra Naert£450£23,40019D LCBelgium
Erwin Masamba£450£23,40019STBelgium
Jelle Spruyt£400£20,80020WB LBelgium
Jarne Verlinde£400£20,80018GKBelgium
Louis Broché£380£19,76021D CBelgium
Leandro Wauters£380£19,76018GKBelgium
Milan Govaers£370£19,24018D C, DMBelgium
Milan Roelandt£370£19,24018AM RBelgium
Neo Delbol£360£18,72018D CBelgium
Renzo Gevaert£320£16,64019D/WB RBelgium
Rien Plasschaert£320£16,64021D RCBelgium
Rayen Trabelsi£320£16,64016D CBelgium
Shane Van Den Berghen£310£16,12019D C, DMBelgium
Simon Ameele£310£16,12021DMBelgium
Thijs Coninckx£300£15,60018DMBelgium
Thomas Puype£300£15,60018M LCBelgium
Talube Sall£300£15,60018D CBelgium
Yari Brachet£270£14,04018D LC, AM LBelgium
Yorrit Hansen£250£13,00018DMBelgium
Gilles Degryse£50£2,60017D/WB LBelgium
Hugo Devestele£50£2,60016DMBelgium
Rune Taillieu£50£2,60017AM/F CBelgium
Edi Tahiri£50£2,60017STBelgium
Rayan Buifrahi£50£2,60017AM CBelgium
Louis Poelaert£50£2,60017AM RC, F CBelgium
Naguy Maertens£50£2,60017D CBelgium
Elias Busquart£50£2,60016STBelgium
Mohammad Aswan£50£2,60016AM RLBelgium
Kwasi Osei-Bonsu£0£019AM RLC, F CBelgium

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Who is Oostende's highest earner?

Fraser Hornby has the highest salary at Oostende, earning £7,300 per week

What is Oostende's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Oostende total salary bill is £4,421,040 per year

What is Oostende's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Oostende total salary bill is £85,020 per week

What league do Oostende's play in?

Oostende play in the Belgian Pro League, the highest division of football in Belgium.

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