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Union SG - 2023 Player Wages

Union SG have a total of 37 players in their home squad. Union SG play in the Belgian Pro League, the highest division of football in Belgium.

Union SG total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £5,307,640 per year
  • £102,070 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Cameron Puertas earning £7,400 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Cameron Puertas£7,400£384,80024DMSpain
Anthony Moris£6,500£338,00033GKLuxembourg
Christian Burgess£6,400£332,80031D CEngland
Dennis Eckert£6,400£332,80026AM L, STGermany
Mohamed Amoura£5,900£306,80023AM RL, STAlgeria
Alessio Castro-Montes£5,500£286,00026D/WB/AM RBelgium
Kevin Mac Allister£5,000£260,00025D RLCArgentina
Lazare Amani£5,000£260,00025DM, AM CIvory Coast
Koki Machida£5,000£260,00025D CJapan
Mathias Rasmussen£4,900£254,80025AM LCNorway
Charles Vanhoutte£4,400£228,80024AM CBelgium
Gustaf Nilsson£4,200£218,40026STSweden
Henok Teklab£4,200£218,40024AM RLGermany
Loïc Lapoussin£4,000£208,00027WB/AM LMadagascar
Noah Sadiki£3,900£202,80018D RBelgium
Casper Terho£3,400£176,80020AM RLFinland
Elton Kabangu£3,300£171,60025AM L, STDR Congo
Fedde Leysen£3,300£171,60019D CBelgium
Kevin Rodríguez£3,000£156,00023AM R, STEcuador
Ross Sykes£2,700£140,40024D RCEngland
Matthew Sorinola£1,900£98,80022D/WB RLEngland
Maxime Wenssens£1,900£98,80021GKBelgium
Guillaume François£980£50,96033D/WB/AM RBelgium
Joachim Imbrechts£870£45,24021GKSweden
Bas Merci£480£24,96018GKBelgium
Moussa El Moukhtari£410£21,32018AM R, STBelgium
Noé Piérot£360£18,72018AM RCBelgium
Ricardo Raducanu£320£16,64019AM RLCBelgium
Rares Tomoiaga£50£2,60016D LBelgium
Ayoub Messaoui£50£2,60016AM RBelgium
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Rune Wouters£50£2,60016GKBelgium
Dominik Antunovic£50£2,60015D RCroatia
Noa Recchia£50£2,60016DMBelgium
Adam Adou£50£2,60017AM L, STBelgium
Adriaan Van Etten£50£2,60015GKBelgium
Diego Cirino£50£2,60017DMBelgium
Gibril Asrih£50£2,60017DMMorocco

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Who is Union SG's highest earner?

Cameron Puertas has the highest salary at Union SG, earning £7,400 per week

What is Union SG's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Union SG total salary bill is £5,307,640 per year

What is Union SG's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Union SG total salary bill is £102,070 per week

What league do Union SG's play in?

Union SG play in the Belgian Pro League, the highest division of football in Belgium.

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