1. FC Union Berlin 2021 - Player Wages

1. FC Union Berlin have a total of 34 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Loris Karius earning £60,000 per week.

1. FC Union Berlin play in the Bundesliga, the first division of mens professional football in Germany.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £14,900,860 per year
  • £286,555 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Loris Karius£60,000£3,120,00027GKGermany
Robin Knoche£19,000£988,00028D (C)Germany
Joel Pohjanpalo£18,000£936,00025ST (C)Finland
Akaki Gogia£17,000£884,00028M (RL), AM (RLC)Germany
Florian Hübner£17,000£884,00029D (C)Germany
Christian Gentner£14,000£728,00034DM, M (C)Germany
Marcus Ingvartsen£14,000£728,00024ST (C)Denmark
Anthony Ujah£14,000£728,00029ST (C)Nigeria
Grischa Prömel£13,000£676,00025DM, M (C)Germany
Christopher Trimmel£13,000£676,00033D/WB (R)Austria
Cedric Teuchert£12,000£624,00023ST (C)Germany
Julian Ryerson£9,100£473,20022D/WB (R), DM, M (C)Norway
Marvin Friedrich£8,900£462,80024D (C)Germany
Sheraldo Becker£8,600£447,20025M/AM (RL), ST (C)Holland
Robert Andrich£7,700£400,40025DM, M (C)Germany
Taiwo Awoniyi£7,600£395,20022ST (C)Nigeria
Andreas Luthe£7,500£390,00033GKGermany
Marius Bülter£6,900£358,80027M/AM (RL), ST (C)Germany
Christopher Lenz£5,400£280,80025D/WB/M (L)Germany
Jakob Busk£5,100£265,20026GKDenmark
Nico Schlotterbeck£3,900£202,80020D (LC)Germany
Moritz Nicolas£1,900£98,80022GKGermany
Maurice Opfermann Arcones£1,900£98,80020DM, M/AM (C)Germany
Lennart Moser£1,000£52,00020GKGermany
Malick Sanogo£55£2,86016ST (C)U.S.A.
Niko Gießelmann£0£028D/WB (L)Germany
Max Kruse£0£032AM (RLC), ST (C)Germany
Tim Maciejewski£0£019M (RLC), AM (R)Germany
Georgios Labroussis£0£018D (L)Germany
Sebastian Griesbeck£0£029DM, M (C)Germany
Jan Riecke£0£017D (C)Germany
Stefan Rankic£0£019D (C), DMBosnia & Herzegovina
Rúben Travassos£0£018ST (C)Portugal
John Liebelt£0£018D (RC), DM, M (C)Germany

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