Bayer Leverkusen 2020 - Player Wages

Bayer Leverkusen have a total of 41 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Kai Havertz earning £83,000 per week.

Bayer Leverkusen play in the Bundesliga, the first division of football in Germany.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £60,923,200 per year
  • £1,171,600 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Kai Havertz£83,000£4,316,00020AM CGermany
Karim Bellarabi£83,000£4,316,00029AM RLGermany
Kerem Demirbay£83,000£4,316,00025AM CGermany
Kevin Volland£83,000£4,316,00026AM R, STGermany
Sven Bender£81,000£4,212,00030D C, DMGermany
Lukás Hradecký£75,000£3,900,00029GKFinland
Lars Bender£66,000£3,432,00030D R, DMGermany
Leon Bailey£66,000£3,432,00021AM RLJamaica
Aleksandar Dragovic£53,000£2,756,00028D CAustria
Exequiel Palacios£52,000£2,704,00020DMArgentina
Charles Aránguiz£51,000£2,652,00030DMChile
Jonathan Tah£50,000£2,600,00023D CGermany
Lucas Alario£49,000£2,548,00026STArgentina
Mitchell Weiser£49,000£2,548,00025D/WB/AM RGermany
Nadiem Amiri£49,000£2,548,00022AM RLCGermany
Edmond Tapsoba£35,000£1,820,00020D CBurkina Faso
Julian Baumgartlinger£33,000£1,716,00031DMAustria
Moussa Diaby£32,000£1,664,00019AM RLFrance
Wendell£29,000£1,508,00025D LCBrazil
Daley Sinkgraven£27,000£1,404,00023D/WB L, M CHolland
Paulinho£24,000£1,248,00018AM RLBrazil
Ramazan Özcan£11,000£572,00035GKAustria
Niklas Lomb£1,900£98,80025GKGermany
Adrian Stanilewicz£960£49,92019DMPoland
Marc Lamti£900£46,80018D CTunisia
Kevin Bukusu£630£32,76018D CGermany
Hans-Alexandre Anapak-Baka£610£31,72018AM RLCGermany
Ayman Azhil£560£29,12018DMMorocco
Marco Wolf£550£28,60018AM RCGermany
Ayoub Asrihi£470£24,44018AM RLGermany
Marcel Lotka£300£15,60018GKPoland
Abdul Fesenmeyer£100£5,20017STGermany
Fabian Rüth£100£5,20017D CGermany
Leon Gädicke£100£5,20017D RGermany
Achunike Ekene£60£3,12016D/WB RLGermany
Cem Türkmen£60£3,12017DM, AM CTurkey
Christopher Scott£60£3,12017AM CGermany
Florian Wirtz£60£3,12016AM CGermany
Marcel Johnen£60£3,12017GKGermany
Marvin Alexa£60£3,12016D CGermany
Phil Kemper£60£3,12017D LC, DMGermany

Other Bundesliga teams:

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