Concarneau 2023 Transfers

Concarneau transfer spending for 2023/24 is:
  • £0 of player purchases
  • £0 of player sales

Concarneau net transfer balance for 2023/24 season is £0

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2023/24: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Julien CélestineFree transferDiósgyőri VTKNB I.DC26France
Alec GeorgenFree transferAJ AuxerreLigue 2DR24France
Yanis MerdjiFree transferChamois Niortais FCChampionnat NationalCF29France
Alexandre PhliponeauFree transferFC AnnecyLigue 2DM23France
Romain SansFree transferLB ChâteaurouxChampionnat NationalDL24France
Tom LebeauFree transferChamois Niortais FCChampionnat NationalMC24France
Baptiste MouazanFree transferAS Nancy-LorraineChampionnat NationalMC21France
Julien FaussurierFree transferFC Sochaux-MontbéliardChampionnat NationalDR36France
Rudy BoulaisFree transferQuevilly - Rouen MétropoleLigue 2GK21France
Isaac MatondoFree transferLes Herbiers VFNo teamLW24France
Abdelwahed WahibUnknownLe Havre ACLigue 1DL23Morocco
Esteban SallesUnknownGrenoble Foot 38Ligue 2GK29France
Noha NdombasiUnknownFC St. Gallen 1879Super LeagueCF22France
Pape Ibnou Baloan transferLe Havre ACLigue 1CF30Mauritania
Nassim Chadliloan transferLe Havre ACLigue 1RW22Morocco
Gabriel Barèsloan transferMontpellier HSCLigue 1DM22Switzerland
Bryan PeléFree transferNo teamNo teamML31France

2023/24: Transfer Departures

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Amine BoutrahFree transferVitesse ArnhemEredivisieCF22France
Antoine RabillardFree transferLe Mans FCChampionnat NationalCF27France
Faissal MannaiFree transferUS MonastirLigue I ProAM27France
Adrien JullouxFree transferGrand Ouest Association Lyonnaise FCChampionnat NationalDR26France
Georges Gope-FenepejFree transferSaint-Pryvé Saint-Hilaire FCNational 2 - Grp. BML34Neukaledonien
Léopold MaitreFree transferBlois Football 41National 2 - Grp. BGK25France
Gaoussou TraoréLoanAmiens SCLigue 2DM23France
Alec GeorgenLoanAJ AuxerreLigue 2DR24France
Axel CamblanLoanStade Brestois 29Ligue 1ML19France
Tom LebeauLoanChamois Niortais FCChampionnat NationalMC24France
Romain SansLoanLB ChâteaurouxChampionnat NationalDL24France

2022/23: Transfer Ins

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Maxime PattierFree transferStade BriochinChampionnat NationalGK26France
Mamadou SyllaFree transferSporting Club SétoisNational 2 - Grp. CDC27France
Ambroise GbohoFree transferStade LavalloisLigue 2CF27Cote d'Ivoire
Clément RodriguesFree transferFC Bassin d'ArcachonNo teamCF22France
Pierre JouanFree transferStade Brest 29 BNational 3 - Grp. EMC20France
Rémi MaugainFree transferStade Brest 29 BNational 3 - Grp. EAM20France
Fahd El KhoumistiUnknownLe Mans FCChampionnat NationalCF29France
Alec Georgenloan transferAJ AuxerreLigue 1DR23France
Tom Lebeauloan transferChamois Niortais FCLigue 2MC23France
Gaoussou Traoréloan transferAmiens SCLigue 2DM22France
Axel Camblanloan transferStade Brestois 29Ligue 1ML19France
Romain Sansloan transferLB ChâteaurouxChampionnat NationalDL23France
Issouf ParoFree transferNo teamNo teamDC27Burkina Faso
Axel UrieFree transferNo teamNo teamLW23Central African Republic

2022/23: Transfer Outs

Total: £440,000

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Landry Nomel£440,000Valenciennes FCLigue 2LW24France
Fahd El KhoumistiFree transferLe Mans FCChampionnat NationalCF29France
Félix LeyFree transferFC BorgoChampionnat NationalAM21France
Vincent ViotFree transferUS OrléansChampionnat NationalGK28France
Tristan BoubayaFree transferLe Mans FCChampionnat NationalDM32France
Edwin MaananeFree transferBourges Foot 18National 2 - Grp. DCF27France
Maxence RenoudFree transferLyon - La DuchèreNational 2 - Grp. CAM22France
Donatien GomisUnknownEA GuingampLigue 2DC27Senegal
Ludovic BaalFree transferNo teamNo teamDL36French Guiana
Corentin JacobLoanRodez AFLigue 2DC25France

2021/22: Transfer Arrivals

Total: £0

Player NameTransfer FeeFromLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Antoine RabillardFree transferGo Ahead EaglesEredivisieCF25France
Maxime EtuinFree transferLe Mans FCChampionnat NationalDL25France
Georges Gope-FenepejFree transferLe Mans FCChampionnat NationalML32Neukaledonien
Landry NomelFree transferLyon - La DuchèreNational 2 - Grp. CLW23France
Adrien JullouxFree transferFC Lorient BNational 2 - Grp. ADR24France
Jérémy Le SaosFree transferStade Brest 29 BNational 3 - Grp. EAM21France
Maxence RenoudFree transferGrenoble Foot 38 BNo teamAM21France
Amine BoutrahFree transferGallia Club Lucciana FCNational 3 - Grp. ACF20France
Faissal MannaiUnknownSporting Club SétoisChampionnat NationalAM25France
Donatien GomisUnknownLes Herbiers VFNational 2 - Grp. DDC26Senegal
Corentin Jacobloan transferRodez AFLigue 2DC24France
Ludovic BaalFree transferNo teamNo teamDL35French Guiana

2021/22: Transfer Departures

Total: £440,000

Player NameTransfer FeeToLeaguePositionAgeNationality
Hacène BenaliFree transferRed Star FCChampionnat NationalCF21Algeria
Béni NkololoFree transferCentral Coast MarinersA-League MenRW24France
Jocelyn LaurentFree transferSporting Club de ToulonNational 2 - Grp. CDL25France
Guillaume GégousseFree transferFC Ploemeur 56 No teamMC31France
Matthis JourdanFree transferAS VitréNational 2 - Grp. AST24France
Bilel BadreFree transferASM BelfortNational 2 - Grp. BAM21France
Nicolas MoucazamboFree transferSaint-Colomban LocminéNo teamDC22France
Jérémy Le SaosFree transferStella-Maris DouarnenezNo teamAM21France
Peter OuanehUnknownLB ChâteaurouxChampionnat NationalDC23France
Ousmane BadjiUnknownUS BoulogneChampionnat NationalDL26France
Alexandre VincentFree transferNo teamNo teamAM27France
Lamine NdaoFree transferNo teamNo teamLW26Senegal
Abdourahim MoinaFree transferNo teamNo teamMC20Comoros
Erwan MauryFree transferNo teamNo teamDM25France
Maxime ToupinFree transferUS Concarneau BNo teamDR33France
Yohan BilingiLoanEA GuingampLigue 2DR22France
Louis CarnotLoanEA GuingampLigue 2MC20France
Richard SilaLoanParis FCLigue 2CF23France

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