VVV-Venlo 2020 - Player Wages

VVV-Venlo have a total of 61 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Jerome Sinclair earning £20,000 per week.

VVV-Venlo play in the Eredivisie, the premier division of football in the Netherlands.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £3,309,280 per year
  • £63,640 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jerome Sinclair£20,000£1,040,00022AM L, STEngland
Oussama Darfalou£6,800£353,60025STAlgeria
Richard Neudecker£3,700£192,40022DMGermany
John Yeboah£3,100£161,20019AM RLGermany
Lee Cattermole£3,000£156,00031DMEngland
Steffen Schäfer£2,600£135,20025D RCGermany
Thomas Bruns£2,600£135,20027AM CHolland
Danny Post£2,400£124,80030DMHolland
Nils Röseler£1,900£98,80027D CGermany
Peter van Ooijen£1,800£93,60027DM, AM RCHolland
Roy Gelmi£1,700£88,40024D C, DMSwitzerland
Thorsten Kirschbaum£1,600£83,20032GKGermany
Tobias Pachonik£1,600£83,20024D/WB/AM RGermany
Christian Kum£1,400£72,80033D RLCGermany
Johnatan Opoku£1,100£57,20029AM/F CHolland
Evert Linthorst£770£40,04019DM, M RCHolland
Haji Wright£710£36,92021AM L, STU.S.A.
Roel Janssen£700£36,40029D LC, DMHolland
Delano van Crooy£680£35,36028GKHolland
Tristan Dekker£600£31,20021D/WB RHolland
Aaron Bastiaans£420£21,84017AM LCHolland
Simon Janssen£300£15,60018D L, DMHolland
Paul Wienhoven£270£14,04019M RCHolland
Bram Verbong£250£13,00019GKHolland
Justin Coenen£210£10,92017D/WB/AM LGermany
Jessy Hendrikx£150£7,80017D C, DMHolland
Marko Antunic£150£7,80019GKSerbia
Jens Craenmehr£140£7,28017GKHolland
Levy Bosch£130£6,76018GKHolland
Adam Mami£110£5,72017AM RCHolland
Coby Sultan£110£5,72018M CU.S.A.
Jesse Probst£110£5,72018DMHolland
Joost Peeters£110£5,72018D RCHolland
Lennart Mehler£110£5,72017AM RCGermany
Niels Blaszczyk£110£5,72017D RGermany
Sotirios Kokkinis£110£5,72018AM RLCGreece
Fin Pleunis£100£5,20017D RCHolland
Hannes Jähn£100£5,20017D RGermany
Ian Ngobi£100£5,20017M CHolland
Jens Jacobs£100£5,20016D/WB RHolland
Joël Roeffen£100£5,20017D RLHolland
Joep Munsters£100£5,20017D C, DMHolland
Jonas Theuerzeit£100£5,20016M CGermany
Jur Clabbers£100£5,20017AM RLHolland
Lars Nabbe£100£5,20017M CHolland
Levi Titulaer£100£5,20016AM RCHolland
Niek Munsters£100£5,20017AM CHolland
Ertan Hajdaraj£90£4,68016DMAlbania
Javier Valerio£90£4,68016AM RLHolland
Jur Verstegen£90£4,68016GKHolland
Maxim van Peer£90£4,68016STHolland
Mees Meeuwissen£90£4,68016M CHolland
Milan Lippinkhof£90£4,68016D CHolland
Quint Janssen£90£4,68016GKHolland
Stan Henderikx£90£4,68015AM LCHolland
Stijn Huntjens£90£4,68016GKHolland
Thijme Verheijen£90£4,68016STHolland
Tjerk Meijs£90£4,68016M CHolland
Martijn Samson£0£019D C, DMHolland
Stan van Dijck£0£018D CHolland
Yahcuroo Roemer£0£017AM RLHolland

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