Willem II 2020 - Player Wages

Willem II have a total of 48 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Görkem Saglam earning £3,200 per week.

Willem II play in the Eredivisie, the premier division of football in the Netherlands.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,354,040 per year
  • £45,270 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Görkem Saglam£3,200£166,40021AM LCGermany
Pol Llonch£2,800£145,60026DMSpain
Sebastian Holmén£2,600£135,20027D CSweden
Damil Dankerlui£2,400£124,80022D/WB RL, AM RHolland
Dries Saddiki£2,400£124,80022DMHolland
Elton Kabangu£2,300£119,60021AM L, STDR Congo
Fernando Lewis£2,300£119,60026D/WB RHolland
Giorgos Strezos£2,200£114,40023GKGreece
João Queirós£2,100£109,20021D CPortugal
Jordens Peters£2,100£109,20032D CHolland
Mats Köhlert£1,900£98,80021AM RLGermany
Mike Ndayishimiye£1,900£98,80020AM RLCBelgium
Miquel Nelom£1,900£98,80028D/WB LHolland
Paul Gladon£1,800£93,60027STHolland
Timon Wellenreuther£1,600£83,20023GKGermany
Bart Nieuwkoop£1,500£78,00023D/WB RHolland
Vangelis Pavlidis£1,500£78,00020AM L, STGreece
Che Nunnely£1,400£72,80020AM RLHolland
Freek Heerkens£1,300£67,60029D RLC, DMHolland
James McGarry£1,100£57,20021D/WB/AM LNew Zealand
Dylan Ryan£930£48,36019D LCAustralia
Marios Vrousai£710£36,92020AM RLCGreece
Michael Woud£360£18,72020GKNew Zealand
Rick Zuijderwijk£270£14,04018AM CHolland
Daan Legro£160£8,32017D CHolland
Lars Dickens£160£8,32019D CHolland
Sam Spijkers£140£7,28017D/WB RHolland
Felida Di Livio£130£6,76017M CHolland
Teun Jongbloets£130£6,76018D CHolland
Timo Regouin£130£6,76017STHolland
Connor van den Berg£120£6,24018GKHolland
Amoros Nshimirimana£110£5,72017STHolland
Jelle Furrer£110£5,72018D CHolland
Keina Yamaguchi£110£5,72018AM CJapan
Maikel Jansen£110£5,72018D CHolland
Niels van Berkel£110£5,72017D/WB/M LHolland
Axel Theuns£100£5,20017M CHolland
Christos Voutsas£100£5,20017D C, DMGreece
Daan Struckman£100£5,20018M CHolland
Jelte Pal£100£5,20016STHolland
Jonathan van der Pol£100£5,20017AM RLHolland
Mark van der Heijden£100£5,20016GKHolland
Sander Emmen£100£5,20018M CHolland
Sjeffie Verhagen£100£5,20016D RHolland
Tristen Paauwe£100£5,20016STHolland
Wesley Spieringhs£100£5,20017M CHolland
Hafid Jahaoui£90£4,68016AM RMorocco
Martijn van de Sande£90£4,68016M CHolland

Other Eredivisie teams:

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