Gil Vicente 2020 - Player Wages

Gil Vicente have a total of 33 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Yves Baraye earning £8,300 per week.

Gil Vicente play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,242,760 per year
  • £43,130 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Yves Baraye£8,300£431,60027AM LCSenegal
Bozhidar Kraev£6,500£338,00022AM RLC, F CBulgaria
Alex Pinto£3,500£182,00020D RPortugal
Claude Gonçalves£2,400£124,80025DMPortugal
Hugo Vieira£2,200£114,40030AM R, STPortugal
Rúben Fernandes£1,700£88,40033D LCPortugal
Rúben Ribeiro£1,700£88,40031AM RLCPortugal
Vitor Carvalho£1,500£78,00022DMBrazil
João Afonso£1,100£57,20024DMBrazil
Lourency£1,000£52,00022AM RLBrazil
Nogueira£950£49,40024D CBrazil
Ahmed Isaiah£930£48,36023AM RLCNigeria
Arthur Henrique£930£48,36025D/WB LBrazil
Fernando Fonseca£890£46,28022D/WB RPortugal
Henrique Gomes£860£44,72023D/WB LPortugal
Edwin Banguera£770£40,04022D LColombia
Rodrigão£760£39,52023D CBrazil
Samuel Lino£630£32,76019AM RLBrazil
Sandro Lima£600£31,20028AM L, STBrazil
Zakaria Naïdji£520£27,04024STAlgeria
Ussumane Mendonça£240£12,48017AM RLGuinea-Bissau
Brian Araújo£220£11,44019GKPortugal
Carlos Gomes£60£3,12018D/WB RPortugal
Fábio Costa£60£3,12017AM R, STPortugal
Filipe Sissé£60£3,12018AM RLCPortugal
João Abreu£60£3,12018GKPortugal
João Costa£60£3,12018AM CPortugal
Sergio Englaro£60£3,12017GKLuxembourg
Tiago Soares£60£3,12016D CPortugal

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