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Rio Ave Futebol Clube - 2023 Player Wages

Rio Ave Futebol Clube have a total of 55 players in their home squad. Rio Ave Futebol Clube play in the Portuguese Second League, the top division of football in Portugal.

Rio Ave Futebol Clube total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £2,691,000 per year
  • £51,750 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Aderllan Santos earning £3,500 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Aderllan Santos£3,500£182,00034D CBrazil
Hernâni£3,200£166,40031AM RLPortugal
Patrick William£2,800£145,60026D RCBrazil
Amine Oudrhiri£2,500£130,00030DMFrance
Costinha£2,400£124,80023D/WB RPortugal
Emmanuel Boateng£2,300£119,60027STGhana
Josué Sá£2,100£109,20031D CPortugal
Joca£2,100£109,20027AM RCPortugal
Leonardo Ruiz£2,000£104,00027STColombia
Zé Manuel£2,000£104,00032AM RLCPortugal
Miguel Nóbrega£1,900£98,80023D C, DMPortugal
Vítor Gomes£1,500£78,00035AM CPortugal
Ukra£1,500£78,00035AM RLPortugal
André Pereira£1,500£78,00028STPortugal
Fábio Ronaldo£1,300£67,60022WB/AM LPortugal
João Graça£1,100£57,20028AM CPortugal
Lucas Flores£740£38,48020GKBrazil
Bruno Ventura£730£37,96022AM LCPortugal
Marko Brkić£710£36,92021STCroatia
Renato Pantalon£700£36,40025D CCroatia
Jorge Karseladze£650£33,80018D/WB/AM RGeorgia
Sávio£600£31,20028D/WB LBrazil
Julien Lomboto£570£29,64021D C, DMFrance
Nuno Namora£560£29,12025D LPortugal
Ruca£490£25,48021D RLPortugal
Diogo Silva£410£21,32020AM LPortugal
João Teixeira£350£18,20020AM CPortugal
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
José Luis£350£18,20019D/WB RPortugal
Luís Pinto£330£17,16021AM L, STPortugal
Kristofer Käit£300£15,60018D C, DMEstonia
Diogo Ribeiro£260£13,52020D/WB RPortugal
Simão Jota£260£13,52018AM LPortugal
Afonso Gama£260£13,52020DMPortugal
Tiago Rodrigues£260£13,52019AM RLPortugal
Lucas Moreira£260£13,52019D/WB LBrazil
Afonso Lemos£260£13,52018AM RLCPortugal
João Costa£260£13,52021D LCPortugal
Pedro Ribeiro£260£13,52019M CPortugal
Guilherme Lima£240£12,48019DMPortugal
Vasco Baptista£240£12,48018GKPortugal
Diogo Morgado£240£12,48018D C, DMPortugal
Luís Azevedo£240£12,48018D CPortugal
Fábio Ferreira£240£12,48019AM RLCPortugal
Fodelcio Pereira£240£12,48020AM RGuinea-Bissau
Tomás Maganete£230£11,96020AM CPortugal
Rui André£230£11,96020D L, AM CPortugal
João Pimenta£60£3,12018D CPortugal
Rodrigo Neto£60£3,12017AM RL, STPortugal
Braiminho Pereira£60£3,12018DMGuinea-Bissau
Fernando Ferreira£60£3,12018AM RLPortugal
Tiago Coelho£60£3,12018GKPortugal
André Cabeleira£60£3,12017GKPortugal

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Who is Rio Ave Futebol Clube's highest earner?

Aderllan Santos has the highest salary at Rio Ave Futebol Clube, earning £3,500 per week

What is Rio Ave Futebol Clube's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Rio Ave Futebol Clube total salary bill is £2,691,000 per year

What is Rio Ave Futebol Clube's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Rio Ave Futebol Clube total salary bill is £51,750 per week

What league do Rio Ave Futebol Clube's play in?

Rio Ave Futebol Clube play in the Portuguese Second League, the top division of football in Portugal.

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