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Sporting Clube Farense - 2023 Player Wages

Sporting Clube Farense have a total of 59 players in their home squad. Sporting Clube Farense play in the Portuguese Second League, the top division of football in Portugal.

Sporting Clube Farense total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £2,939,560 per year
  • £56,530 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Pastor earning £3,800 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Pastor£3,800£197,60023D/WB RBrazil
Kauan Firmino£3,000£156,00021GKBrazil
Bruno Duarte£2,500£130,00027STBrazil
Artur Jorge£2,500£130,00028D CPortugal
Fabrício Isidoro£2,300£119,60031DMBrazil
Facundo Cáseres£2,300£119,60022M CArgentina
Gonçalo Silva£2,200£114,40032D CPortugal
Igor Rossi£2,100£109,20034D LCBrazil
Zé Luís£2,000£104,00032STCape Verde
Zach Muscat£2,000£104,00029D CMalta
Luiz Felipe£2,000£104,00026GKBrazil
Mattheus Oliveira£1,900£98,80028AM CBrazil
Marco Matias£1,900£98,80034AM RLPortugal
Rui Costa£1,700£88,40027AM RL, STPortugal
Talocha£1,600£83,20033D/WB LPortugal
Vítor Gonçalves£1,500£78,00031AM CPortugal
Adewale Sapara£1,500£78,00028AM RLNigeria
Cláudio Falcão£1,400£72,80029D C, DMBrazil
Cristian Ponde£1,400£72,80028AM LC, F CPortugal
Elves Baldé£1,300£67,60023AM RLPortugal
Fran Delgado£1,300£67,60021D/WB RSpain
Mohamed Belloumi£900£46,80021AM RAlgeria
Rafael Barbosa£700£36,40027AM RLCPortugal
Ricardo Velho£700£36,40024GKPortugal
Arian Kastrati£700£36,40021STKosovo
Diogo Paulo£660£34,32021DMPortugal
Jhon Velásquez£630£32,76028AM CColombia
Talys£600£31,20024D/WB/AM LBrazil
Hamidou Diallo£590£30,68020D CMali
Arc-en-ciel Mintongo£570£29,64021DMCameroon
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Dário Miranda£540£28,08020D/WB RLPortugal
André Candeias£530£27,56020AM RLPortugal
André Seruca£480£24,96022DMPortugal
Bruno Pires£470£24,44019DMPortugal
Miguel Carvalho£450£23,40027GKPortugal
Dias Fumo£450£23,40021D CMozambique
Daniel Xavier£370£19,24020D/WB R, AM RLPortugal
Francisco Silva£350£18,20019D/WB LPortugal
Éric Sanou£340£17,68020D C, DMBurkina Faso
Rafinha£310£16,12020AM RLCPortugal
Matheus Gonçalves£300£15,60019D CBrazil
Tiago Madeira£290£15,08022AM RLPortugal
Mário Rodrigues£280£14,56020D/WB/AM LPortugal
Pedro Alves£260£13,52021D CPortugal
Afonso Reis£260£13,52019AM RLPortugal
Diogo Cristina£260£13,52018AM LCPortugal
João Júnior£260£13,52019GKGuinea-Bissau
Kyriakos Pavlis£260£13,52019M CGreece
Miguel Sousa£260£13,52019DMPortugal
Frederico Silva£260£13,52019DMPortugal
Vicente Martins£260£13,52018STPortugal
Geovanny Almeida£260£13,52018DMPortugal
Tiago Sousa£250£13,00020AM CPortugal
Rúben Furtado£230£11,96019AM RLPortugal
Bernardo Ramirez£60£3,12017D/WB RPortugal
Rafael Teixeira£60£3,12017AM CPortugal
Ravidson Biague£60£3,12018D LPortugal
Uri Lima£60£3,12017AM RLPortugal
Luís Batalha£60£3,12017GKPortugal

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Who is Sporting Clube Farense's highest earner?

Pastor has the highest salary at Sporting Clube Farense, earning £3,800 per week

What is Sporting Clube Farense's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Sporting Clube Farense total salary bill is £2,939,560 per year

What is Sporting Clube Farense's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Sporting Clube Farense total salary bill is £56,530 per week

What league do Sporting Clube Farense's play in?

Sporting Clube Farense play in the Portuguese Second League, the top division of football in Portugal.

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