Sporting Clube de Braga 2021 - Player Wages

Sporting Clube de Braga have a total of 66 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Nicolás Gaitán earning £14,000 per week.

Sporting Clube de Braga play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £9,091,316 per year
  • £174,833 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Nicolás Gaitán£14,000£728,00032M (L), AM (RLC)Argentina
Bruno Viana£13,000£676,00025D (C)Brazil
Paulinho£9,000£468,00027ST (C)Portugal
Fransérgio£8,300£431,60029DM, M/AM (C)Brazil
Rolando£7,700£400,40034D (C)Portugal
Ricardo Horta£7,700£400,40025AM (RLC), ST (C)Portugal
André Horta£7,500£390,00023M (C), AM (LC)Portugal
Abel Ruiz£7,500£390,00020AM (RL), ST (C)Spain
Galeno£7,200£374,40022AM (RL)Brazil
João Novais£7,100£369,20027M/AM (C)Portugal
Rafael Assis£6,700£348,40029DM, M (C)Brazil
Raúl Silva£6,700£348,40030D (C)Brazil
Ricardo Esgaio£6,700£348,40027D (RL), WB/M/AM (R)Portugal
Diogo Figueiras£6,400£332,80029D (RL), WB/M (R)Portugal
Rui Fonte£5,700£296,40030AM (C), ST (C)Portugal
Nuno Sequeira£4,900£254,80029D/WB (L)Portugal
André Castro£4,500£234,00032DM, M/AM (C)Portugal
Ali Al Musrati£3,500£182,00024DM, M (C)Libya
David Carmo£3,400£176,80021D (C), DMPortugal
Francisco Moura£3,300£171,60020D/WB/M (L), AM (RL)Portugal
Guilherme Schettine£3,200£166,40024ST (C)Brazil
Tiago Sá£2,600£135,20025GKPortugal
Tormena£2,600£135,20024D (RC)Brazil
Crislan£2,400£124,80028ST (C)Brazil
Guilherme Soares£1,200£62,40019D (C)Portugal
Lukas Hornicek£1,000£52,00018GKCzech Republic
Zé Carlos£1,000£52,00021D/WB/AM (R)Portugal
Nuno Cunha£900£46,80019DM, M (C)Portugal
Bernas£848£44,09619D/WB (R)Portugal
João Madureira£768£39,93616M (C)Portugal
Leonardo Buta£748£38,89618D/WB/M/AM (L)Portugal
Mateus Santos£738£38,37616M/AM (C)Portugal
André Ferreira£732£38,06417D (R)Portugal
Bruno Pelegrini£722£37,54420ST (C)Brazil
Diogo Vieira£702£36,50419M/AM (R)Portugal
Rodrigo Macedo£700£36,40017ST (C)Portugal
Edgar Braga£692£35,98419D (R), DMPortugal
Nuno Sualehe£601£31,25220DMPortugal
Renato£562£29,22420AM (RL)Brazil
Rodrigo Gomes£562£29,22417AM (RL)Portugal
Djordje Jovicic£527£27,40418D (C)Serbia
Jean-Baptiste Gorby£515£26,78018DM, M (C)France
Pedro Santos£498£25,89619AM (RL)Portugal
Miguel Vilela£485£25,22020D/WB (L)Portugal
Rui Ribeiro£435£22,62020GKPortugal
Zezinho Biganha£357£18,56418AM (RL)Guinea-Bissau
Luís Mesquita£347£18,04418D/WB (L)Portugal
Yan Said£300£15,60017AM (RL), ST (C)Portugal
Luis Asué£229£11,90819ST (C)Eq. Guinea
Álvaro Oliveira£55£2,86018D/WB (R)Portugal
Pedro Pereira£55£2,86018D (C), DMPortugal
João Martins£55£2,86017AM (LC)Portugal
Martim Duarte£0£017GKPortugal
Iuri Medeiros£0£026AM (RLC)Portugal
Eduardo Esteves£0£017GKPortugal
Zé Pedro£0£018D (C)Portugal
Diogo Fonseca£0£018D (C), DMPortugal
Nuno Teixeira£0£017D (C)Portugal
Miguel Falé£0£016ST (C)Portugal
Pedro Alves£0£016D (R)Portugal
Geovani Muanza£0£016AM (RL)Portugal
Berna£0£017M (C), AM (RLC)Portugal
João Santos£0£017DMPortugal
João Faria£0£016DMPortugal
Miguel Duarte£0£018D (C)Portugal

Who is Sporting Clube de Braga's highest earner?

Nicolás Gaitán has the highest salary at Sporting Clube de Braga, earning £14,000 per week

What is Sporting Clube de Braga's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Sporting Clube de Braga total salary bill is £9,091,316 per year

What is Sporting Clube de Braga's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Sporting Clube de Braga total salary bill is £174,833 per month

What league do Sporting Clube de Braga's play in?

Sporting Clube de Braga play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

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