Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD 2021 - Player Wages

Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD have a total of 99 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is João Mário earning £88,000 per week.

Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD play in the Liga Nos, the top division of football in Brazil.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £22,080,864 per year
  • £424,632 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
João Mário£88,000£4,576,00027M/AM (LC)Portugal
Pedro Porro£29,000£1,508,00020D/WB/M (R)Spain
Zouhair Feddal£28,000£1,456,00030D (C)Morocco
Antonio Adán£27,000£1,404,00033GKSpain
Paulinho (João Paulo Fernandes)£24,000£1,248,00027ST (C)Portugal
Sebastián Coates£22,000£1,144,00029D (C)Uruguay
Luís Neto£15,000£780,00032D (C)Portugal
João Pereira£14,000£728,00036D/WB (R)Portugal
Bruno Tabata (Bruno Vinícius Souza Ramos)£13,000£676,00023AM (RLC)Brazil
Pedro Gonçalves£10,000£520,00022M (C), AM (RC)Portugal
João Palhinha£9,100£473,20025DM, M (C)Portugal
Nuno Santos£9,000£468,00025M (L), AM (RL)Portugal
Luís Maximiano£9,000£468,00021GKPortugal
Renan Ribeiro (Renan Ribeiro)£8,700£452,40030GKBrazil
Antunes (Vitorino Antunes)£8,500£442,00033D/WB/M (L)Portugal
Gonzalo Plata£8,200£426,40019AM (RLC)Ecuador
Bruno Gaspar£7,500£390,00027D (RL), WB (R)Angola
Luiz Phellype (Luiz Phellype Luciano Silva)£7,000£364,00026ST (C)Brazil
Jovane Cabral£6,100£317,20022AM (RLC), ST (C)Cape Verde
Lumor Agbenyenu£6,000£312,00023D/WB (L)Ghana
Nuno Mendes£5,900£306,80018D/WB (L)Portugal
Eduardo Quaresma£5,300£275,60018D (C)Portugal
Matheus Nunes (Matheus Luiz Nunes)£4,900£254,80021M/AM (C)Portugal
Daniel Bragança£4,400£228,80021DM, M (C)Portugal
Matheus Reis (Matheus Reis de Lima)£3,900£202,80025D/WB (L)Brazil
Bruno Tavares£3,500£182,00018AM (RL)Portugal
Gonçalo Inácio£3,200£166,40018D (C)Portugal
Bernardo Sousa£2,500£130,00020AM (C)Portugal
Diogo Brás£2,400£124,80020AM (RL)Portugal
Gonçalo Costa£2,200£114,40020D/WB (L)Portugal
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gonçalo Batalha£2,200£114,40018AM (C)Portugal
Nicolai Skoglund£1,900£98,80017ST (C)Norway
Rodrigo Rego£1,700£88,40018D (LC)Portugal
Tiago Tomás£1,600£83,20018AM (R), ST (C)Portugal
Tiago Ferreira£1,600£83,20018AM (LC)Portugal
André Gonçalves£1,500£78,00017AM (RL)Portugal
Babacar Fati£1,500£78,00020D/AM (L)Guinea-Bissau
Adriano Almeida£1,500£78,00017D (L)Portugal
Diogo Almeida£1,400£72,80018GKPortugal
Danilo Luís£1,400£72,80017ST (C)Portugal
Chico Lamba£1,400£72,80017D (C), DMPortugal
Diogo Martins£1,400£72,80018GKPortugal
Carlos Silva£1,400£72,80019D (C)Portugal
Daniel Rodrigues£1,400£72,80018M/AM (C)Portugal
Edson Silva£1,300£67,60019AM (RL)Guinea-Bissau
Hevertton (Hevertton Ciriaco Santos)£1,200£62,40019D (RL), WB (R)Brazil
Hugo Cunha£1,200£62,40018GKPortugal
João Daniel Santos£1,100£57,20018DM, M (C)Portugal
Alexandre Mendes£983£51,11619D (RC)Portugal
Diogo Cabral£953£49,55617M/AM (C)Portugal
Miguel Menino£900£46,80017AM (RL)Portugal
Roberto Laurel£813£42,27619M (C)Spain
Patrick Leal£800£41,60017M (C)Portugal
Tiago Augusto£783£40,71617M (C)Portugal
Rafael Fernandes£700£36,40018D (C)Portugal
Rui Reis£700£36,40019ST (C)Portugal
Rafael Moreira£700£36,40018AM (RL)Portugal
Samuel Lobato£600£31,20018M/AM (C)Portugal
Vasco Gaspar£500£26,00017GKPortugal
João Pacheco£55£2,86016AM (RL)Portugal
Eduardo Barbosa£55£2,86017DM, M (C)Portugal
João Pereira£55£2,86016D (C), DMPortugal
Rafael Carvalho£55£2,86016DM, M (C)Portugal
Rui Embaló£55£2,86016DM, M (C)Portugal
Diogo Travassos£55£2,86016AM (RL)Portugal
Rafael Lopes£55£2,86017D/WB (R)Portugal
Isnaba Mané£55£2,86016AM (RL)Guinea-Bissau
David Monteiro£55£2,86016D (R)Portugal
Tristan Hammond£55£2,86017AM (RL)Australia
August Frobenius£55£2,86016D (C)Norway
Rodrigo Marquês£55£2,86017AM (RL)Portugal
João Carvalho£55£2,86017D (C)Portugal
Luís Gomes£55£2,86016AM (RL)Portugal
Rui Carreira£55£2,86016D (C)Portugal
Diogo Ramos£55£2,86017D (C)Portugal
Fábio Mendes£55£2,86016AM (RC)Portugal
Samuel Justo£55£2,86016M (C)Portugal
Francisco Djau£55£2,86016M (C), AM (R)Portugal
Pedro Gomes£55£2,86017D (C)Portugal
Mateus Fernandes£55£2,86016M (C)Portugal
Emanuel Fernandes£55£2,86017D (LC)Portugal
Ricardo Piedade£55£2,86016D (C)Portugal
David Moreira£55£2,86016D/WB (L)Portugal
Tiago Santos£55£2,86018AM (RL)Portugal
Lucas Dias£55£2,86017AM (RC)Canada
Diego Silva (Diego Callai Silva)£55£2,86016GKBrazil
Martim Marques£55£2,86016D (L)Portugal
Lucas Anjos£55£2,86016AM (RL)Portugal
Francisco Silva£55£2,86016D (L)Portugal
Renato Veiga£55£2,86016M (C)Portugal
Rafael Besugo£55£2,86016M (C)Portugal
Duarte Carvalho£55£2,86018M (C)Portugal
Youssef Chermiti£55£2,86016ST (C)Portugal
Tiago Octávio£55£2,86016DMPortugal
Nélson Pereira£55£2,86017ST (C)Portugal
Raimundo Duarte£55£2,86018GKPortugal
Paulo Agostinho£55£2,86017ST (C)Portugal
Diogo Pinto£55£2,86016GKPortugal
Gilberto Batista£55£2,86016DMGuinea-Bissau

Who is Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD's highest earner?

João Mário has the highest salary at Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD, earning £88,000 per week

What is Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD's yearly wage bill in 2021?

Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD total salary bill is £22,080,864 per year

What is Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD's monthly wage bill in 2021?

Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD total salary bill is £424,632 per week

What league do Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD's play in?

Sporting Clube de Portugal - Futebol, SAD play in the Liga Nos, the top division of football in Brazil.

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