Tondela 2020 - Player Wages

Tondela have a total of 35 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Ricardo Valente earning £13,000 per week.

Tondela play in the Liga NOS, the top division of football in Portugal.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £2,384,720 per year
  • £45,860 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Ricardo Valente£13,000£676,00028AM RL, STPortugal
Jonathan Toro£5,100£265,20022AM RLC, F CHonduras
Richard£3,700£192,40019AM RLC, F CBrazil
Cláudio Ramos£2,400£124,80027GKPortugal
Jhon Murillo£2,100£109,20023AM RL, STVenezuela
João Pedro£2,100£109,20026DMPortugal
António Xavier£1,500£78,00026AM RLCPortugal
Babacar Niasse£1,500£78,00022GKSenegal
Filipe Ferreira£1,300£67,60028D/AM LPortugal
Yohan Tavares£1,300£67,60031D CPortugal
João Reis£1,100£57,20027D/WB/AM LPortugal
Marko Petkovic£900£46,80026D/WB RSerbia
Fahd Moufi£880£45,76023D/WB RMorocco
Philipe Sampaio£800£41,60024D CBrazil
Pité£800£41,60024D L, AM RLCPortugal
Pedro Augusto£780£40,56022DMBrazil
João Jaquité£720£37,44023DMGuinea-Bissau
Ricardo Alves£700£36,40028D CPortugal
Diogo Silva£660£34,32026GKPortugal
Tomislav Strkalj£600£31,20022AM RL, STCroatia
Rúben Fonseca£410£21,32019STPortugal
João Gonçalves£350£18,20019D C, DMPortugal
Afonso Simão£60£3,12018D C, DMPortugal
André Quendera£60£3,12018STPortugal
Bruno Santos£60£3,12016STPortugal
Edgar Pereira£60£3,12018AM RLPortugal
José Gata£60£3,12018M CPortugal
Madiu Djaló£60£3,12017D/AM LGuinea-Bissau
Rafael Cláudio£60£3,12018GKPortugal
Ricardo Cardoso£60£3,12017D/WB/AM RPortugal
Telmo Arcanjo£60£3,12018M LCCape Verde
Tiago Almeida£60£3,12017D/WB R, AM RLPortugal
Tiago Nunes£60£3,12017M CPortugal

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