Columbus 2020 - Player Wages

Columbus have a total of 29 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Fanendo Adi earning £31,000 per week.

Columbus play in the Major League Soccer, the top division of football in the United States.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £8,712,080 per year
  • £167,540 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Fanendo Adi£31,000£1,612,00028STNigeria
Gyasi Zardes£23,000£1,196,00027AM RL, STU.S.A.
Jonathan Mensah£13,000£676,00028D CGhana
Darlington Nagbe£12,000£624,00028AM RLCU.S.A.
Lucas Zelarayán£12,000£624,00027AM LCArgentina
Pedro Santos£12,000£624,00031AM RLPortugal
Youness Mokhtar£7,300£379,60027AM LCMorocco
Vito Wormgoor£5,500£286,00030D CHolland
Eloy Room£5,300£275,60030GKCuraçao
Harrison Afful£5,200£270,40033D/WB RGhana
Luis Díaz£5,000£260,00020AM RLCosta Rica
Milton Valenzuela£4,900£254,80020D/WB LArgentina
Axel Sjöberg£3,500£182,00028D CSweden
Héctor Jiménez£3,200£166,40030D/M RLU.S.A.
Josh Williams£3,100£161,20031D RCU.S.A.
Aboubacar Keita£2,500£130,00019D CU.S.A.
Waylon Francis£2,400£124,80028D/WB LCosta Rica
JJ Williams£2,100£109,20021STU.S.A.
Jordan Hamilton£2,100£109,20023STCanada
Aidan Morris£1,500£78,00017DMU.S.A.
Jon Kempin£1,100£57,20026GKU.S.A.
Danny Griffin£910£47,32020M CU.S.A.
Matt Lampson£900£46,80029GKU.S.A.
Remi Prieur£770£40,04022GKU.S.A.
Sebastian Berhalter£760£39,52018DMU.S.A.
Chris Cadden£0£022WB R, AM RCScotland
Miguel Berry£0£021STSpain
Ryo Shimazaki£0£022D RJapan

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