Inter Miami 2020 - Player Wages

Inter Miami have a total of 27 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Rodolfo Pizarro earning £33,000 per week.

Inter Miami play in the Major League Soccer, the top division of football in the United States.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £6,455,280 per year
  • £124,140 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Rodolfo Pizarro£33,000£1,716,00025AM LCMexico
Juan Agudelo£9,100£473,20026AM RL, STU.S.A.
Román Torres£9,000£468,00033D CPanama
Wil Trapp£8,400£436,80026DMU.S.A.
Lee Nguyen£7,000£364,00032AM RC, F CU.S.A.
Luis Robles£7,000£364,00034GKU.S.A.
Lewis Morgan£6,000£312,00022AM RLScotland
Nicolás Figal£5,900£306,80025D CArgentina
Christian Makoun£5,400£280,80019D C, DMVenezuela
A.J. DeLaGarza£4,500£234,00031D RLCGuam
Alvas Powell£4,500£234,00024D RJamaica
Ben Sweat£3,500£182,00027D LCU.S.A.
Robbie Robinson£2,700£140,40020STU.S.A.
Victor Ulloa£2,500£130,00027DMMexico
Jay Chapman£2,100£109,20025AM RCCanada
Bryan Meredith£1,500£78,00029GKU.S.A.
Drake Callender£1,400£72,80021GKU.S.A.
Dylan Nealis£1,400£72,80020D/WB RU.S.A.
George Acosta£1,200£62,40019AM CU.S.A.
Grant Lillard£1,200£62,40023D CU.S.A.
Jerome Kiesewetter£1,100£57,20026AM R, STU.S.A.
John McCarthy£1,100£57,20026GKU.S.A.
Luis Argudo£1,000£52,00023M RLU.S.A.
Andrés Reyes£920£47,84019D CColombia
David Norman£910£47,32021DMCanada
Denso Ulysse£910£47,32020D LHaiti
Mikey Ambrose£900£46,80025D/WB LU.S.A.

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