LAFC 2020 - Player Wages

LAFC have a total of 28 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Carlos Vela earning £96,000 per week.

LAFC play in the Major League Soccer, the top division of football in the United States.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £10,859,680 per year
  • £208,840 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Carlos Vela£96,000£4,992,00030AM RLC, F CMexico
Brian Rodríguez£19,000£988,00019AM RLCUruguay
Diego Rossi£18,000£936,00021AM RL, STUruguay
Adama Diomande£17,000£884,00029AM L, STNorway
Walker Zimmerman£8,400£436,80026D CU.S.A.
Eduard Atuesta£7,300£379,60022DMColombia
Kenneth Vermeer£7,000£364,00033GKHolland
Francisco Ginella£6,300£327,60020DMUruguay
Diego Palacios£5,400£280,80019D/WB/AM LEcuador
Danilo Silva£3,400£176,80032D RCBrazil
Eddie Segura£3,300£171,60022D CColombia
Mark Anthony Kaye£2,900£150,80024D L, M LCCanada
Alejandro Guido£2,500£130,00025DM, AM CU.S.A.
Dejan Jakovic£2,400£124,80033D CCanada
Jordan Harvey£2,100£109,20035D/M LU.S.A.
Latif Blessing£2,000£104,00022AM RLCGhana
Pablo Sisniega£1,800£93,60023GKMexico
Danny Musovski£1,400£72,80023STU.S.A.
Josh Pérez£1,100£57,20021AM RLU.S.A.
Adrien Perez£940£48,88023AM R, STU.S.A.
Tristan Blackmon£600£31,20022D RCU.S.A.
Jack Hallahan£0£022AM RL, STIreland
Javi Perez£0£023M CSpain
Jorge Gonzalez£0£020AM LCSpain
José Cifuentes£0£020DMEcuador
Mohamed El-Munir£0£027D/WB/AM LLibya
Paulo Pita£0£025GKBrazil
Younes Boudadi£0£023D/WB RMorocco

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