NY Red Bulls 2020 - Player Wages

NY Red Bulls have a total of 35 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Josh Sims earning £18,000 per week.

NY Red Bulls play in the Major League Soccer, the top division of football in the United States.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £6,240,520 per year
  • £120,010 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Josh Sims£18,000£936,00022AM LCEngland
Aaron Long£15,000£780,00026D CU.S.A.
Alejandro Romero Gamarra£15,000£780,00024AM RLCParaguay
Daniel Royer£13,000£676,00029AM RLAustria
Tim Parker£8,000£416,00026D CU.S.A.
David Jensen£7,400£384,80027GKDenmark
Marc Rzatkowski£4,900£254,80029AM RCGermany
Mathias Jørgensen£4,900£254,80018AM R, STDenmark
Sean Davis£4,600£239,20026M RCU.S.A.
Alex Muyl£2,500£130,00023AM RLU.S.A.
Amro Tarek£2,500£130,00027D LCEgypt
Connor Lade£2,400£124,80029D/WB RLU.S.A.
Cristian Cásseres£2,400£124,80019DMVenezuela
Ryan Meara£1,700£88,40028GKU.S.A.
Florian Valot£1,300£67,60026AM RCFrance
Jean-Christophe Koffi£1,100£57,20021M CIvory Coast
Kendall McIntosh£1,000£52,00025GKU.S.A.
Kyle Duncan£1,000£52,00021D R, DMU.S.A.
Barry Sharifi£930£48,36021DMU.S.A.
Ben Mines£930£48,36019AM RLCU.S.A.
Brian White£930£48,36023STU.S.A.
Cherif Dieye£920£47,84022AM RSenegal
Deri Corfe£910£47,32021AM CEngland
Mandela Egbo£900£46,80021D/WB REngland
Jared Stroud£850£44,20022AM CU.S.A.
John Tolkin£850£44,20016D LU.S.A.
Niko Petridis£810£42,12020AM RU.S.A.
Omir Fernandez£800£41,60020AM RLCU.S.A.
Patrick Seagrist£790£41,08021D LU.S.A.
Sean Nealis£760£39,52022D CU.S.A.
Stavros Zarokostas£760£39,52021AM LU.S.A.
Tom Barlow£750£39,00023STU.S.A.
Wallis Lapsley£720£37,44022GKU.S.A.
Rece Buckmaster£700£36,40022D RLU.S.A.
Chris Lema£0£022DMU.S.A.

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