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Crotone - 2023 Player Wages

Crotone have a total of 65 players in their home squad. Crotone play in the

Crotone total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £3,892,200 per year
  • £74,850 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Jacopo Petriccione earning £15,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Jacopo Petriccione£15,000£780,00028DMItaly
Alessio Tribuzzi£5,500£286,00024AM RCItaly
Luis Rojas£5,000£260,00021AM CChile
Eugenio D'Ursi£3,300£171,60028AM RL, STItaly
Giuseppe Loiacono£3,200£166,40031D CItaly
Marco Tumminello£2,900£150,80024STItaly
Daniel Leo£2,400£124,80021D RC, M RSwitzerland
Carlo Crialese£2,400£124,80030D/WB/M LItaly
Dardan Vuthaj£2,400£124,80027STAlbania
Davide Bove£2,400£124,80024D CItaly
Guillaume Gigliotti£2,200£114,40033D CFrance
Giovanni Bruzzaniti£2,200£114,40022AM RLItaly
Lucas Felippe£2,000£104,00023DM, AM CBrazil
Maxime Giron£1,900£98,80028D/WB/M LFrance
Mattia Vitale£1,900£98,80025M CItaly
Pasquale Giannotti£1,800£93,60024AM RLCItaly
Paolo Branduani£1,800£93,60034GKItaly
Orazio Pannitteri£1,800£93,60023AM RLC, F CItaly
Andrea D'Errico£1,500£78,00031AM RLCItaly
Andrea Dini£1,500£78,00027GKItaly
Guido Gomez£1,200£62,40029STItaly
Jurica Jurčec£1,000£52,00021AM RLC, F CCroatia
Federico Papini£890£46,28023D RLCItaly
Manuel Nicoletti£880£45,76024D/WB LItaly
Francesco D'Alterio£770£40,04021GKItaly
Thomas Schirò£700£36,40023DMItaly
Riccardo Spaltro£630£32,76023D/WB/M RItaly
Giovanni D'Aprile£480£24,96018D CItaly
Raffaele Cantisani£420£21,84019AM RItaly
Vinícius£340£17,68020D/WB RBrazil
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Antonio Solmonte£220£11,44018STItaly
Alessio Aprile£130£6,76018AM RLItaly
Alberto Lucano£130£6,76018GKItaly
Antonio Giancotti£130£6,76018DMItaly
Christian Spunticcia£130£6,76017DMItaly
Massimo Rossi£130£6,76018M CItaly
Umberto D'Amora£130£6,76018D CItaly
Tommaso Scandale£130£6,76018AM R, STItaly
Giuseppe Elia£130£6,76018AM L, STItaly
Riccardo Vulcano£130£6,76017M CItaly
Samuele Nanè£130£6,76016STItaly
Francesco Milano£130£6,76017D CItaly
Luca Luciano£130£6,76018STItaly
Emanuele Sibilla£130£6,76018D CItaly
Santino Russo£130£6,76018D CItaly
Gabriel Ambrogio£130£6,76017AM/F CItaly
Antonio Tarantino£130£6,76017D CItaly
Riccardo Cacia£130£6,76016M CItaly
Aniello Russo£130£6,76017D CItaly
Francesco Greco£130£6,76016M CItaly
Stefano Tosto£130£6,76017M CItaly
Luigi De Marco£130£6,76016D RItaly
Paolo Le Pera£130£6,76017D/WB LItaly
Luca Garrese£130£6,76017M CItaly
Andrea Galardo£130£6,76017D CItaly
Alessandro Secreti£130£6,76017AM R, STItaly
Antonio Martino£130£6,76016GKItaly
Filippo Loiacono£130£6,76016M CItaly
Giuseppe Geremicca£130£6,76017AM CItaly
Francesco De Gennaro£130£6,76016M CItaly
Gabriele Greco£130£6,76017GKItaly
Leonardo Basso£130£6,76015D CItaly
Giulio Mirarchi£130£6,76015M CItaly
Onofrio Cristian Poerio£30£1,56018STItaly
Andrea Pirozzi£30£1,56018STItaly

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Who is Crotone's highest earner?

Jacopo Petriccione has the highest salary at Crotone, earning £15,000 per week

What is Crotone's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Crotone total salary bill is £3,892,200 per year

What is Crotone's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Crotone total salary bill is £74,850 per week

What league do Crotone's play in?

Crotone play in the

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