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Juve Stabia - 2023 Player Wages

Juve Stabia have a total of 71 players in their home squad. Juve Stabia play in the Other

Juve Stabia total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £2,493,400 per year
  • £47,950 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Demba Thiam earning £5,400 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Demba Thiam£5,400£280,80025GKSenegal
Alberto Gerbo£3,500£182,00033D/WB R, M RCItaly
Leonardo Candellone£3,000£156,00025STItaly
Accursio Bentivegna£2,500£130,00027AM RLCItaly
Daniele Mignanelli£2,400£124,80030D/WB LItaly
Davide Buglio£2,400£124,80025DMItaly
Federico Romeo£2,300£119,60021AM RCItaly
Giuseppe Leone£2,200£114,40022DMItaly
Kevin Piscopo£2,000£104,00025AM RLCItaly
Marco Bellich£1,900£98,80024D LCItaly
Cristian Andreoni£1,400£72,80031D/WB RItaly
Enrico Piovanello£1,300£67,60023AM RLCItaly
Matteo Baldi£960£49,92021D CItaly
Matteo Bachini£900£46,80028D CItaly
Marco Meli£760£39,52023AM RCItaly
Mariano Guarracino£730£37,96021AM RItaly
Bilal Erradi£730£37,96022M CMorocco
Francesco Folino£700£36,40021D CItaly
Alessandro Vimercati£690£35,88020D LCItaly
Alessandro La Rosa£670£34,84020D/WB/M RItaly
Vincenzo Della Pietra£620£32,24021AM RL, STItaly
Pasquale Marranzino£610£31,72019AM LC, F CItaly
Sergio Maselli£600£31,20022DMItaly
Pietro Rovaglia£600£31,20022STItaly
Aniello Boccia£540£28,08020D/WB RItaly
Alessandro Signorini£540£28,08023GKItaly
Matteo Esposito£520£27,04020GKItaly
Cristian Martire£520£27,04019D CItaly
Gennaro Ruggiero£480£24,96023M RCItaly
Michele Picardi£420£21,84019D RCItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Francesco D'Amore£390£20,28019D/WB L, M LCItaly
Raffaele Leone£370£19,24019M CItaly
Stefano Selvaggio£360£18,72020DMItaly
Angelo Misiano£130£6,76017D CItaly
Aniello Ascolese£130£6,76018D CItaly
Pasquale Faccetti£130£6,76017M CItaly
Samuel Michele Troiano£130£6,76017DMItaly
Michele Saviano£130£6,76018AM/F CItaly
Flavio Perna£130£6,76018AM RLCItaly
Gaetano Pezzella£130£6,76018AM RL, STItaly
Giuseppe Di Nardo£130£6,76017STItaly
Lorenzo Di Lauro£130£6,76018GKItaly
Gennaro Piccolo£130£6,76018M CItaly
Giuseppe Borrelli£130£6,76018M CItaly
Francesco Testa£130£6,76016D RCItaly
Renato Marcuccio£130£6,76018AM RItaly
Matteo Galietti£130£6,76017D CItaly
Simone D'Alterio£130£6,76016D CItaly
Simone Cannolicchio£130£6,76017STItaly
Michele Alfiero£130£6,76017D RItaly
Emanuele Marcuccio£130£6,76016DMItaly
Catello Schettino£130£6,76018D LCItaly
Gerardo Elefante£130£6,76017AM CItaly
Cristian Cirillo£130£6,76016M RCItaly
Michele Avino£130£6,76016D CItaly
Mario Aprea£130£6,76017STItaly
Antonio Amato£130£6,76017STItaly
Filippo Schiavitelli£130£6,76016STItaly
Francesco Schettino£130£6,76017STItaly
Simone Romano£130£6,76016M CItaly
Giovanni Monaco£130£6,76017D RCItaly
Antonio Merolla£130£6,76016M CItaly
Davide Lauritano£130£6,76016GKItaly
Fabio Giustino£130£6,76016AM/F CItaly
Marco Gargiulo£130£6,76016D LCItaly
Antonio Pio Vitiello£130£6,76017STItaly
Alessandro Esposito£130£6,76016M RCItaly
Vincenzo Avolio£130£6,76016M CItaly
Cristian Tobia Piccolo£130£6,76016GKItaly
Samuele Esposito£130£6,76015D/WB RItaly
Francesco Pio Trotta£130£6,76016D CItaly

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Who is Juve Stabia's highest earner?

Demba Thiam has the highest salary at Juve Stabia, earning £5,400 per week

What is Juve Stabia's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Juve Stabia total salary bill is £2,493,400 per year

What is Juve Stabia's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Juve Stabia total salary bill is £47,950 per week

What league do Juve Stabia's play in?

Juve Stabia play in the Other

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