Brescia 2020 - Player Wages

Brescia have a total of 68 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Mario Balotelli earning £45,000 per week.

Brescia play in the Serie A, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £13,016,640 per year
  • £250,320 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Mario Balotelli£45,000£2,340,00028STItaly
Alfredo Donnarumma£21,000£1,092,00028STItaly
Ernesto Torregrossa£16,000£832,00027STItaly
Rômulo£16,000£832,00032D/WB R, AM RCBrazil
Jesse Joronen£15,000£780,00026GKFinland
Daniele Dessena£14,000£728,00032DMItaly
Daniele Gastaldello£14,000£728,00036D CItaly
Bruno Martella£8,500£442,00026D/WB LItaly
Dimitri Bisoli£8,400£436,80025DMItaly
Jaromir Zmrhal£8,100£421,20025AM LCCzech Republic
Sandro Tonali£7,600£395,20019DMItaly
Stefano Sabelli£7,600£395,20026D/WB RItaly
Birkir Bjarnason£7,500£390,00031AM LCIceland
Emanuele Ndoj£6,300£327,60022DMAlbania
Enrico Alfonso£6,300£327,60031GKItaly
Simon Skrabb£5,600£291,20024WB L, AM RLC, F CFinland
Ales Mateju£5,500£286,00023D/WB RLCzech Republic
Florian Ayé£5,300£275,60022STFrance
Jhon Chancellor£5,100£265,20027D CVenezuela
Nikolas Spalek£4,900£254,80022AM CSlovakia
Alessandro Semprini£3,500£182,00021D RCItaly
Andrea Cistana£3,500£182,00022D CItaly
Mattia Viviani£2,900£150,80018DMItaly
Lorenzo Andrenacci£1,000£52,00024GKItaly
Massimiliano Mangraviti£900£46,80021D CItaly
Angelo Cazzago£580£30,16019D/WB RItaly
Daniele Colosio£550£28,60019AM/F CItaly
Lorenzo Treccani£470£24,44019M RLCItaly
Nicola Torchio£450£23,40019DMItaly
Raul Torregrossa£410£21,32019STItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alberto Barazzetta£220£11,44017AM RLCItaly
Alessio Castellini£220£11,44016D CItaly
Andrea Butturini£220£11,44016M CItaly
Andrea Ghezzi£220£11,44018AM CItaly
Andrea Lussignoli£220£11,44017M RLCItaly
Andrea Papetti£220£11,44016D CItaly
Christian Bianchetti£220£11,44016STItaly
Cristian Airoldi£220£11,44016D CItaly
Daniele Del Barba£220£11,44016STItaly
Davide Reboldi£220£11,44017D/WB RItaly
Diego Abbrandini£220£11,44017GKItaly
Diego Danesi£220£11,44016D/WB LItaly
Elia Pojani£220£11,44018D/WB/M RItaly
Erik Lora£220£11,44016STItaly
Federico Trezza£220£11,44016STItaly
Filippo Cristini£220£11,44015M CItaly
Francesco Ruocco£220£11,44018AM LC, F CItaly
Giacomo Piccaluga£220£11,44016M CItaly
Giulio Magri£220£11,44017D LCItaly
Lorenzo Marazzi£220£11,44018M CItaly
Luca Bacchin£220£11,44016STItaly
Luca Bertoni£220£11,44016DMItaly
Luca Forlani£220£11,44016STItaly
Luca Nolaschi£220£11,44018D CItaly
Luca Rossetti£220£11,44017M CItaly
Matteo Gandini£220£11,44015GKItaly
Matteo Lombardi£220£11,44017M CItaly
Matteo Rassegna£220£11,44017AM RLItaly
Mattia Bui£220£11,44017D RCItaly
Mattia Capoferri£220£11,44018D/WB LItaly
Paolo Prandini£220£11,44016GKItaly
Riccardo Canciani£220£11,44017AM/F CItaly
Simone Raccagni£220£11,44016STItaly
Stefano Caruso£220£11,44016M CItaly
Stefano Filigheddu£220£11,44017GKItaly
Thomas Boafo£220£11,44016D/WB/M LItaly
Tommaso Rozzini£220£11,44016D CItaly
Umberto Rovelli£220£11,44016GKItaly

Who is Brescia's highest earner?

Mario Balotelli has the highest salary at Brescia, earning £45,000 per week

What is Brescia's yearly wage bill in 2020?

Brescia total salary bill is £13,016,640 per year

What is Brescia's monthly wage bill in 2020?

Brescia total salary bill is £250,320 per week

What league do Brescia's play in?

Brescia play in the Serie A, the top division of mens professional football in Italy

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