Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus 2022 - Player Wages

Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus have a total of 83 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Davide Diaw earning £15,000 per week.

Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £5,662,280 per year
  • £108,890 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Davide Diaw£15,000£780,00029STSenegal
Samuele Longo£8,600£447,20029STItaly
Luca Rigoni£8,000£416,00036DMItaly
Riccardo Meggiorini£7,700£400,40035AM/F CItaly
Daniel Cappelletti£6,400£332,80029D CItaly
Federico Proia£6,300£327,60025M CItaly
Nicola Dalmonte£5,900£306,80023AM L, STItaly
Anthony Taugourdeau£5,500£286,00032DMFrance
Matteo Grandi£3,900£202,80028GKItaly
Matteo Bruscagin£3,900£202,80031D RCItaly
Davide Lanzafame£3,400£176,80034AM RLC, F CItaly
Marco Calderoni£2,900£150,80032D/WB LItaly
Nicola Pasini£2,900£150,80030D CItaly
Simone Pontisso£2,600£135,20024DMItaly
Stefano Giacomelli£2,600£135,20031AM LC, F CItaly
Alessandro Confente£2,500£130,00023GKItaly
Emanuele Padella£2,300£119,60032D CItaly
Luca Crecco£2,000£104,00025D/WB L, M LCItaly
Riccardo Brosco£1,700£88,40030D CItaly
Alessandro Di Pardo£1,500£78,00021D/WB/M RItaly
Filippo Ranocchia£700£36,40020DMItaly
Mario Ierardi£470£24,44023D RCItaly
Stefano Cester£450£23,40019AM RCItaly
Loris Zonta£420£21,84024M CItaly
Semuel Pizzignacco£260£13,52019GKItaly
Federico Bailo£220£11,44016D CItaly
Mattia Santi£220£11,44018D RItaly
Malik Djibril£220£11,44017DMItaly
Andrea Crestani£190£9,88016AM RLC, F CItaly
Jacopo Tonini£190£9,88016D CItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Giacomo Tognon£190£9,88017STItaly
Giovanni Dal Bon£190£9,88016DMItaly
Victor Gobbetti£190£9,88016GKItaly
Amadou Ly£190£9,88016M RSenegal
Edoardo Mion£190£9,88016M RCItaly
Tobia Mogentale£190£9,88015M RCItaly
Mattia Morello£190£9,88016GKItaly
Ludovico Tedesco£190£9,88016D CItaly
Giovanni Morese£190£9,88016AM RLC, F CItaly
Marco Scaglione£190£9,88016STItaly
Giacomo Carotta£190£9,88016DMItaly
Alessandro Barbieri£190£9,88017D C, DMItaly
Nicolas Gerardi£190£9,88018GKItaly
Giulio Pellizzari£190£9,88017D/WB LItaly
Tommaso Mancini£190£9,88016STItaly
Alberto Lattanzio£190£9,88017D/WB LItaly
Alessandro Favero£190£9,88017DMItaly
Tommaso Bresolin£190£9,88016GKItaly
Filippo Alessio£190£9,88016STAlbania
Diego Ratzenbeck£190£9,88016GKItaly
Tommaso Rodeghiero£190£9,88016GKItaly
Thomas Sandon£190£9,88018D LItaly
Matteo Saggioro£190£9,88018D/WB L, M LCItaly
Lorenzo Dall'Igna£190£9,88016D RLCItaly
Lorenzo Iseppi£190£9,88015D RLItaly
Mattia Parlato£190£9,88016D CItaly
Ludovico Todesco£190£9,88016D RLCItaly
Luca Aprile£190£9,88017D CItaly
Riccardo Lodovici£190£9,88016D CItaly
Tommaso Battilana£190£9,88016D RLCItaly
Davide Borsato£190£9,88017D RCItaly
Giovanni Giuseppe Poliero£190£9,88018D CItaly
Edoardo Bolzon£190£9,88017D CItaly
Federico Paoloni£190£9,88018D LCItaly
Nicola Barea£190£9,88017D CItaly
Matteo Spiller£190£9,88017D CItaly
Matteo Vescovi£190£9,88016D RLItaly
Pietro Violato£190£9,88016D RLItaly
Andrea Pettinà£190£9,88015D RLCItaly
Mattia Ongaro£190£9,88018M CItaly
Samuele Faedo£190£9,88016DM, M RLCItaly
Riccardo Postolache£190£9,88016AM CItaly
William Fighera£190£9,88018DMItaly
Antonio Burraci£190£9,88017WB/M RLItaly
Gabriele Sellati£190£9,88016M RLCItaly
Federico Giacobbo£190£9,88017AM R, STItaly
Christian Fabbian£190£9,88018STItaly
Davide Pettina£190£9,88017STItaly
Matteo Oboe£190£9,88018STItaly
Aleksa Djordjevic£190£9,88016STSerbia
Giacomo Todesco£190£9,88016STItaly
Riccardo Scarpa£130£6,76016STItaly
Davide Stavri Ziu£130£6,76016D CItaly

Who is Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus's highest earner?

Davide Diaw has the highest salary at Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus, earning £15,000 per week

What is Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus's yearly wage bill in 2022?

Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus total salary bill is £5,662,280 per year

What is Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus's monthly wage bill in 2022?

Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus total salary bill is £108,890 per week

What league do Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus's play in?

Lanerossi Vicenza Virtus play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

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