SPAL 2021 - Player Wages

SPAL have a total of 80 players in their home squad. The highest earning player in the squad is Francesco Vicari earning £17,000 per week.

SPAL play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

The teams total wage bill is:
  • £7,493,200 per year
  • £144,100 per week

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Francesco Vicari£17,000£884,00026D CItaly
Federico Viviani£13,000£676,00029DMItaly
Alessandro Tripaldelli£9,500£494,00022D/WB/M LItaly
Elio Capradossi£9,300£483,60025D CItaly
Lorenzo Colombo£9,000£468,00019STItaly
Salvatore Esposito£8,600£447,20020DMItaly
Luca Mora£8,000£416,00033M CItaly
Lorenzo Dickmann£8,000£416,00024D/WB/M RItaly
Marco Mancosu£7,900£410,80032AM LCItaly
Andrea Seculin£6,500£338,00030GKItaly
Giovanni Crociata£6,200£322,40023AM CItaly
Demba Thiam£5,400£280,80023GKSenegal
Franco Zuculini£3,300£171,60030DMArgentina
Federico Melchiorri£3,300£171,60034STItaly
Jacopo Da Riva£3,100£161,20020DMItaly
Alberto Pomini£2,500£130,00040GKItaly
Ayoub Abou£2,500£130,00023AM CMorocco
David Heidenreich£2,400£124,80021D CCzech Republic
Raffaele Celia£1,700£88,40022D/WB/M LItaly
Emmanuel Latte Lath£1,300£67,60022AM RL, STIvory Coast
Kevin Piscopo£1,000£52,00023AM RLCItaly
Demba Seck£820£42,64020STSenegal
Teun Wilke Braams£650£33,80019AM/F CMexico
Riccardo Spaltro£630£32,76021D/WB/M RItaly
Ludovico D'Orazio£570£29,64021AM RLItaly
Luca Coccolo£480£24,96023D LCItaly
Paolo Cannistrà£440£22,88020D CItaly
Patryk Peda£410£21,32019D CPoland
Mikael Egill Ellertsson£330£17,16019M CIceland
Jionathan Campagna£310£16,12019AM RLC, F CItaly
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Steven Folly Nador£270£14,04019D CGermany
Alessandro Orfei£270£14,04018AM RL, STItaly
Malik Owolabi-Belewu£260£13,52019D CCanada
Luca Sperti£260£13,52019AM RLCItaly
Pietro Bianchieri£260£13,52019STItaly
Jacopo Martini£220£11,44016STItaly
Diego Simonetta£220£11,44018DMItaly
Andrea Valdesi£220£11,44017AM RCItaly
Filippo De Milato£220£11,44018D C, DMItaly
Andreas Vaher£190£9,88017DMEstonia
Michal Svoboda£190£9,88016D CSlovakia
Filippo Saiani£190£9,88016D LItaly
Fabio Parravicini£190£9,88016AM/F CItaly
Michele Pezzolato£190£9,88017GKItaly
Marco Zuccherato£190£9,88016STItaly
Giulio Peverati£190£9,88017GKItaly
Alessandro Pasquino£190£9,88016D CItaly
Alessandro Gobbo£190£9,88017D RCItaly
Francesco Dell'Aquila£190£9,88017STItaly
Elvis Cupellaro£190£9,88017D/WB LItaly
Nicolò Chinappi£190£9,88017STItaly
Nicolò Contiliano£190£9,88016WB/M RItaly
Filippo Puletto£190£9,88017DMItaly
Andrea Magri£190£9,88018GKItaly
Edoardo Cavallini£190£9,88016M CItaly
Joseph Mustapha Abdalla£190£9,88017D RCItaly
Lorenzo Abati£190£9,88017GKItaly
Nicolò Prasso£190£9,88017D RCItaly
Andrea Rigon£190£9,88017GKItaly
Gianluca Santini£190£9,88016D CItaly
Márk Csinger£190£9,88018D CHungary
Pietro Saio£190£9,88017D CItaly
Mattia Roda£190£9,88017DMItaly
Antonio Fiori£190£9,88018AM LItaly
Mirco Moretti£190£9,88016AM LCItaly
Diego Marcolini£190£9,88016M RCItaly
Giorgos Pavlides£190£9,88018AM CCyprus
Gvidas Gineitis£190£9,88017AM CLithuania
Matteo Borsoi£190£9,88018M CItaly
Filippo Meneghini£190£9,88018M CItaly
Marco Forapani£190£9,88018M CItaly
Andrea Semenza£190£9,88017AM/F CItaly
Yacine Fahad£190£9,88018AM CComoros
Luca D'Andrea£190£9,88016AM RCItaly
Gabriele Selleri£190£9,88018STItaly
Alessio Pinotti£190£9,88018STItaly
Dawid Bugaj£190£9,88017D/WB RPoland
Alessandro Boccia£190£9,88017STItaly
Nicolò Franzoni£190£9,88016STItaly
Lorenzo Valesani£160£8,32019D CItaly

Who is SPAL's highest earner?

Francesco Vicari has the highest salary at SPAL, earning £17,000 per week

What is SPAL's yearly wage bill in 2021?

SPAL total salary bill is £7,493,200 per year

What is SPAL's monthly wage bill in 2021?

SPAL total salary bill is £144,100 per week

What league do SPAL's play in?

SPAL play in the Serie B, the second division of football in Italy.

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