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Olympiacos - 2023 Player Wages

Olympiacos have a total of 53 players in their home squad. Olympiacos play in the Superleague Greece, the top division of football in Greece.

Olympiacos total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £24,534,640 per year
  • £471,820 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Gustavo Scarpa earning £61,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Gustavo Scarpa£61,000£3,172,00029AM RLCBrazil
Daniel Podence£52,000£2,704,00027AM RLCPortugal
Omar Richards£49,000£2,548,00025D/WB LEngland
Youssef El Arabi£37,000£1,924,00036STMorocco
Ola Solbakken£24,000£1,248,00024AM RLCNorway
Pep Biel£19,000£988,00026AM RLC, F CSpain
Rodinei£18,000£936,00031D/WB RBrazil
Stevan Jovetić£17,000£884,00033STMontenegro
Ayoub El Kaabi£17,000£884,00030AM R, STMorocco
João Carvalho£17,000£884,00026AM LCPortugal
Kostas Fortounis£15,000£780,00030AM RLCGreece
Francisco Ortega£14,000£728,00024D/WB LArgentina
Alexandros Paschalakis£14,000£728,00033GKGreece
Santiago Hezze£12,000£624,00021DMArgentina
Vicente Iborra£12,000£624,00035DMSpain
Mady Camara£11,000£572,00026DMGuinea
Panos Retsos£11,000£572,00024D RCGreece
Quini£11,000£572,00033D/WB RLSpain
Sotiris Alexandropoulos£11,000£572,00021DMGreece
Giorgos Masouras£9,200£478,40029AM RL, STGreece
Nicolás Freire£9,000£468,00029D CArgentina
Doron Leidner£6,400£332,80021D/WB LIsrael
Ivan Brnić£6,100£317,20021AM RLCroatia
Jackson Porozo£5,100£265,20022D CEcuador
Bandiougou Fadiga£4,500£234,00022AM LCFrance
Marios Vrousai£2,900£150,80025AM RLGreece
Andreas Ndoj£2,500£130,00020D C, DMAlbania
Kostas Tzolakis£2,000£104,00020GKGreece
Giorgos Charalampoglou£160£8,32018STGreece
Nikos Christou£140£7,28019DM, AM CGreece
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Kostas Tanoulis£140£7,28018D CGreece
Antonis Papakanellos£140£7,28017AM RLCGreece
Nektarios Alafakis£140£7,28017DMGreece
Stavros Pnevmonidis£140£7,28016AM RLGreece
Argyris Liatsikouras£140£7,28016DMGreece
Vasilis Prekates£140£7,28017D C, DMGreece
Antonis Dama£140£7,28017D CGreece
Kostas Mavropoulos£140£7,28018DMGreece
Ilias Panagakos£140£7,28016D CGreece
Giorgos Kouraklis£140£7,28017GKGreece
Giorgos Koutsopoulos£140£7,28017D/WB RGreece
Thanasis Stantzos£140£7,28017D CGreece
Stelios Starakis£140£7,28018D C, DMGreece
Thanos Koutsogoulas£0£019AM RCGreece
Fanis Bakoulas£0£018DMGreece
Dimitris Retsos£0£018D CGreece
Giannis Rolakis£0£016D LCGreece
Kostas Kostoulas£0£018D CGreece
Michalis Patiras£0£019AM RLCGreece
Anxhelo Sina£0£019GKAlbania
Giannis Drosos£0£017AM RLGreece
Christos Ligdas£0£016AM CGreece
Thomas Arsenidis£0£018D/WB/M RGreece

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Who is Olympiacos's highest earner?

Gustavo Scarpa has the highest salary at Olympiacos, earning £61,000 per week

What is Olympiacos's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Olympiacos total salary bill is £24,534,640 per year

What is Olympiacos's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Olympiacos total salary bill is £471,820 per week

What league do Olympiacos's play in?

Olympiacos play in the Superleague Greece, the top division of football in Greece.

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