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AEK - 2023 Player Wages

AEK have a total of 48 players in their home squad. AEK play in the Superleague Greece, the top division of football in Greece.

AEK total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £17,748,640 per year
  • £341,320 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Domagoj Vida earning £34,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Domagoj Vida£34,000£1,768,00034D CCroatia
Ezequiel Ponce£26,000£1,352,00026STArgentina
Levi Garcia£24,000£1,248,00025AM RL, STTrinidad & Tobago
Orbelín Pineda£23,000£1,196,00027AM LCMexico
Harold Moukoudi£20,000£1,040,00025D CCameroon
Jens Jønsson£19,000£988,00030DMDenmark
Mijat Gaćinović£19,000£988,00028AM LCSerbia
Rodolfo Pizarro£18,000£936,00029AM LCMexico
Nordin Amrabat£17,000£884,00036AM RLC, F CMorocco
Sergio Araujo£16,000£832,00031AM LC, F CArgentina
Steven Zuber£15,000£780,00031AM LC, F CSwitzerland
Cican Stanković£15,000£780,00030GKAustria
Djibril Sidibé£15,000£780,00030D RLFrance
Alexander Callens£14,000£728,00031D LCPeru
Petros Mantalos£12,000£624,00031AM LCGreece
Damian Szymański£12,000£624,00028DMPoland
Milad Mohammadi£7,900£410,80029D/WB LIran
Niclas Eliasson£6,900£358,80027AM RLSweden
Ehsan Hajsafi£6,300£327,60033D/WB L, M LCIran
Lazaros Rota£5,000£260,00025D/WB RGreece
Kostas Galanopoulos£4,000£208,00025DMGreece
Paolo Fernandes£3,800£197,60024AM RLCSpain
Tom van Weert£2,600£135,20033STNetherlands
Giorgos Athanasiadis£2,200£114,40030GKGreece
Zini£2,000£104,00021AM L, STAngola
Gerasimos Mitoglou£1,200£62,40023D CGreece
Giorgos Theocharis£420£21,84021GKGreece
Antonis Georgeas£0£017AM RL, STGreece
Loukas Maroutsis£0£017DMGreece
Andreas Chatzinikolaou£0£017D/WB RLGreece
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Alexandros Krushelnytsky£0£018DMGreece
Leonard Muca£0£018AM CAlbania
Dimitris Valkanis£0£017D CGreece
Christos Giannoulis£0£018D/WB/M LGreece
Petros Svigos£0£016D/WB RGreece
Nikos Dimitriadis£0£018AM/F CGreece
Marios Balamotis£0£018GKGreece
Konstantinos Antonopoulos£0£019D CGreece
Giannis Vasilas£0£017AM RLGreece
Ardit Kadiu£0£017D/WB RLAlbania
Alexandros Elezi£0£017AM RLGreece
Panormitis Kaliaros£0£018GKGreece
Christoforos Kolimatsis£0£016DMGreece
Dimitris Anargyrou£0£017GKGreece
Christos Palaiologou£0£016STGreece
Nikos Georgatos£0£017DMGreece
Pantelis Papazisis£0£016D CGreece
Grigoris Raptis£0£016AM RLGreece

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Who is AEK's highest earner?

Domagoj Vida has the highest salary at AEK, earning £34,000 per week

What is AEK's yearly wage bill in 2023?

AEK total salary bill is £17,748,640 per year

What is AEK's weekly wage bill in 2023?

AEK total salary bill is £341,320 per week

What league do AEK's play in?

AEK play in the Superleague Greece, the top division of football in Greece.

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You forgot to write the coach's contract, Matias Almeida, £1045733.58 or 1200000€

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