Cardiff City 2023 - Player Wages

Cardiff City have a total of 69 players in their home squad. Cardiff City play in the Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

Cardiff City total wage bill for 2023 is:
  • £22,722,960 per year
  • £436,980 per week

The highest earning player in the squad is Aaron Ramsey earning £176,000 per week.

Active Squad:

Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Aaron Ramsey£176,000£9,152,00031AM RCWales
Callum Robinson£18,000£936,00027AM RLC, F CIreland
Joe Ralls£18,000£936,00028M LCEngland
Manolis Siopis£18,000£936,00028DMGreece
Niels Nkounkou£16,000£832,00021D LFrance
Curtis Nelson£14,000£728,00029D CEngland
Cédric Kipré£14,000£728,00025D CFrance
Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson£13,000£676,00027GKIceland
Callum O'Dowda£12,000£624,00027AM RLIreland
Yakou Meïté£11,000£572,00026AM R, STIvory Coast
Romaine Sawyers£9,000£468,00030AM CSt Kitts & Nevis
Andy Rinomhota£8,500£442,00025DMEngland
Jaden Philogene-Bidace£8,100£421,20020AM RLEngland
Jamilu Collins£8,100£421,20027D/WB LNigeria
Ryan Allsop£7,700£400,40030GKEngland
Sheyi Ojo£7,600£395,20025AM RLCEngland
Mark McGuinness£7,400£384,80022CBIreland
Mahlon Romeo£6,900£358,80026D/WB REngland
Ryan Wintle£6,700£348,40025DMEngland
Kion Etete£6,000£312,00020STEngland
Perry Ng£5,800£301,60026D RCEngland
Thomas Sang£5,600£291,20023D/WB R, M CEngland
Vontae Daley-Campbell£5,500£286,00021D/WB REngland
Ebou Adams£5,300£275,60026DM, AM CThe Gambia
Jak Alnwick£4,100£213,20029GKEngland
Jack Simpson£4,100£213,20025D CEngland
Ollie Tanner£2,800£145,60020AM RLCEngland
Rubin Colwill£2,700£140,40020AM CWales
Joel Bagan£1,100£57,20020D/WB LIreland
Jack Leahy£910£47,32019AM RLEngland
Player NameWeekly WageYearly SalaryAgePositionNationality
Cameron Antwi£830£43,16020DMEngland
Oliver Denham£800£41,60020D CWales
Matthew Turner£730£37,96020GKWales
Joel Colwill£660£34,32017M CWales
Owen Pritchard£610£31,72019D RCWales
Ryan Kavanagh£580£30,16019M CWales
Sebastian Kristensen£570£29,64019D CDenmark
Rohan Luthra£530£27,56020GKEngland
Jai Semenyo£510£26,52018D REngland
Cian Ashford£480£24,96017AM/F CWales
Caleb Hughes£480£24,96018DMWales
Xavier Benjamin£470£24,44018D RCEngland
Raheem Conte£430£22,36019DM, AM CPortugal
Aidan MacNamara£400£20,80018D R, DMWales
James Crole£360£18,72017STWales
Tom Davies£360£18,72018D/WB LWales
Jac Clay£310£16,12018D RC, DMWales
Cole Fleming£180£9,36016AM RLWales
Louis Phillips£180£9,36016STWales
Luey Giles£180£9,36016WB/M LWales
Dylan Lawlor£180£9,36016D CWales
Daniel Barton£180£9,36016DMWales
Japhet Mpadi£180£9,36016AM RCWales
Tanatswa Nyakuhwa£180£9,36016AM RLWales
Luke Armstrong£180£9,36016GKWales
Tana Jones£180£9,36016AM RCWales
Joe Thomas£180£9,36016GKWales
Jacob Dennis£180£9,36017GKWales
Morgan Lewis£180£9,36017D CWales
Callum Jones£180£9,36017D RWales
Joseph Keeping£180£9,36017D RWales
Kyle Kenniford£180£9,36017DMWales
Lewys Ware£180£9,36017D RC, DMWales
Adam Coomer£180£9,36017AM CWales
Morgan Wigley£180£9,36017STWales
Joshua Beecher£180£9,36016D/WB RWales
Isaac Jeffries£180£9,36017AM RWales
Trey George£180£9,36016AM CWales
Cody Twose£180£9,36016AM CWales

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Who is Cardiff City's highest earner?

Aaron Ramsey has the highest salary at Cardiff City, earning £176,000 per week

What is Cardiff City's yearly wage bill in 2023?

Cardiff City total salary bill is £22,722,960 per year

What is Cardiff City's weekly wage bill in 2023?

Cardiff City total salary bill is £436,980 per week

What league do Cardiff City's play in?

Cardiff City play in the Championship, the second division of mens professional football in England.

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